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Ohio State Marching Band at Put-In-Bay TBDBITL

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February 25, 2014 at 12:42am

The Ohio State Marching Band performs at Put-In-Bay, Ohio as part of the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial Celebration. 9/01/2013. Go Bucks! (Source YouTube)

Ohio State Marching Band at Put-In-Bay TBDBITL: 

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By land or by sea - we truly have The Best Damn Band In The Land

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Wish I could have been there. Haven't gone there in years. It can get pretty wild. I hope the boaters from TSUN enjoyed it.



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Always nice to see TBDBITL do its thing. GB, your posts are helping to keep me warm in the dark and cold offseason. It is truly appreciated!

Football is complicated...

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