One Shining Moment: Home Edition

By Chris Lauderback on April 11, 2014 at 2:00p
Matt Sylvester's one shining moment didn't occur in the Dance but it was still tasty vittles.

With nothing more than minimal interest (ie: rooting against Kentucky) in last Monday's national title tilt, at games end I found myself efforting to stay awake in hopes of catching the tournament swan song, One Shining Moment. 

Frankly, though I love the concept, I think the annual video montage jumped the shark years ago but I'm a relic myself so I always stick around to see what CBS cobbled together. This year, with nothing but Ohio State lowlights to look forward to my mind began to wander. 

First, I rehashed some of the great OSU tourney moments, most specifically the triple Ron Lewis splashed forcing overtime against Xavier to the orgasmic delight of Gus Johnson. Then, upon realizing there aren't that many electrifying moments Ohio State's NCAA tournament history, I started reliving other shining moments. 

Evan Turner's bomb to sink Michigan in the B1G tournament quickly came to mind. I remember watching that early afternoon affair on the couch alone, screaming at the television while doing my best Marcus Hall as the Michigan bench appeared on the screen following the Villain's game-winner. Just as delicious was Matta's feisty reaction (1:20 mark), for reasons still disputed

Nearly as awesome though it occurred during the regular season, Matt Sylvester's One Shining Moment shocked undefeated and top-ranked Illinois in Thad Matta's first season in Columbus (2004-'05), serving as a springboard for many exciting years to come. 

So what about us regular folk? One Shining Moments shouldn't be reserved for only athletes far superior to us average Joe's and Josephine's.

I'm guessing nearly 99% of you played sports as a kid and hopefully you had a few of those special moments and while they may not qualify for #SCtop10 consideration they are still events that you vividly and fondly remember. 

With that as the backdrop, I thought we could share a shining moment or two to kick off what should be a sun-splashed spring game weekend. 

As a fairly serviceable suburbanite athlete playing baseball and basketball through high school, I enjoyed a handful of shining moments with three rising to the top of my mind.

As a senior in high school, my lanky and extremely honky frame threw down a couple sick jams during a dunk contest of sorts in front of the entire student body and that's something I've always remembered.

Also as a senior, on the two-year anniversary of my dad's passing, I made a couple sterling plays in the hole at shortstop, another up the middle to start a double play, pitched a pair of scoreless innings in relief and hit a bases clearing triple in one of the very few wins our varsity squad would earn that season. 

If I'm capturing one singular moment as my best, however, I have to go all the way back to 8th grade. 

Dio knows what I'm talkin' 'bout
Instead of Dio, imagine this is me in some extra small middle-school basketball short shorts

Our hoops team that year wasn't anything special but I had a pretty good season and particularly enjoyed the fact the 3-point line was finally introduced to basketball below the college level because I could get all splashy from long range every once in a while.

Anyway, on this night, I was playing on borrowed time because we had just gotten our report cards and I earned my first ever "C" in a class which would've been enough for my parents to keep me from playing had they known. Not wanting to miss a game, especially against our rivals, I folded up the report card and played with it tucked in my sock. 

I vaguely recall scoring my share of points that night but we found ourselves down by two with three seconds left though we did have possession after a timeout at midcourt. Our head coach wasn't much of an X's and O's guy but thankfully that year we had a varsity player helping out. He dialed up a play for me to come off a double screen, the first at the low block and the second at the elbow with the inbounder charged with passing me the rock at the top of the circle.  

In essence, the play worked but the second screen was set at least four feet above the top of the circle so when I received the inbounds pass I was probably only three feet inside the halfcourt line. 

Undeterred, I received the pass, took one dribble and launched the prettiest two-handed jump shot in the history of Gahanna Middle School East basketball. Time stopped as the ball tickled nothing but twine giving us a one point victory. 

I turned and saluted the crowd, some of which rushed the court, with double secret devil signs as my teammates hoisted me on their shoulders. 

The night only got better when my girlfriend was so impressed by The Shot that she engineered a pretty awesome french-kiss-anchored makeout sesh behind the school as my parents waited for me to finish our "team meeting". Ahhhh, the glory days. 

So lay it on us - what's your One Shining Moment? 



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My first homerun ever in a game was a walk off grand slam like a boss

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My first home run was also a walk off, but it played out a little different than yours. This was our Little League championship game and it was the bottom of the 5th or 7th or whatever the last inning was back then, and  i hit a dribbler to 3rd. When i say dribbler, that's inflating it a bit. It was more like a drag bunt, only i wasn't bunting. The 3rd baseman ran in and promptly overthrew the first baseman and chucked it into RF. The RF had tossed his glove and was running to the CF and never saw the ball go past the first baseman. Needless to say back then i was actually fast and i made it home before that poor kid made it to the ball.

Now, i realize that i was probably scored a single and then a error or 2, but i choose to ignore that part! haha

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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I managed to dunk only one time in a warm up right before the final cut scrimmage. It was also in front of the student body. Greatest moment my so-called high school career.

Long live the southend.

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Also, came in 3rd place for batting average in the City League my senior. That was nothing to me compared to that dunk.

Long live the southend.

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Quiz Bowl my Sr. year.  On TV, answered a question 3 words in.  #likeaboss

Dan Isaacs

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Little League baseball when I was in 4th grade I came to bat with 6th graders occupying all 3 bases.  The first pitch from the newly-installed relief pitcher was a chest-high fastball that I promptly crushed to centerfield scoring the 3 guys that were on base.  As I reached 3rd the coach was waving me home but I stopped for a 3-run, standup triple.  The field we were playing on didn't have an outfield fence and I didn't want my first homerun to be an in-the-parker.  Finished the game 4-4 batting.

I pitched the first game my 6th grade year and struck out 14 batters (out of 18 total outs) and was 2-3 batting.  Still have the game ball.

First basketball game of my 6th grade year I scored 28 points.

Haven't done jack since then.



Champions.  Undisputed.  

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In 4th grade CYO basketball, I made a game-winning buzzer beater for a thrilling victory (score was something like 16-14).  There was no full-court pressing allowed, and the clock didn't start after a dead ball until someone passed one-quarter court (makes going the length of the court in 2 seconds just a little bit easier).  I took the inbound pass with 2 seconds left, dribbled without any real urgency up court since the clock wouldn't start, and then sped up as I passed the half-court line, dribbled off a pick on the right wing, and nailed a shot at the buzzer. 

Other "shining moment" was making a game-saving diving catch down the left field line for the last out of my team's Co-Rec B Intramural Softball championship game during my junior year.

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There was this one time that I didn't get chosen last....kidding.


In fifth grade baseball I was playing behind the plate.  Our team was up one run and we were in the bottom of whatever the last inning was back then (7th maybe).  The batter hit a ball clear to the center field fence.  The center fielder finally got to the ball, relayed it to the second baseman and the second baseman relayed it to me.  Turns out that the batter was going for glory and didn't stop at third like he should have.  Anyways I caught the ball, we collide and I tagged him out.  

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Junior year of high school, fresh to the fields of western PA.

Got the starting TE gig in a run-first offense. Grabbed only one catch the season opener, but it went for 40 yards (five and out, I provided the last 35 yards free of charge) and the winning score. Ran through a couple of defenders on the way - thought I was the next Mark Bavaro (dating myself).

Made for a great icebreaker in the halls the next week.

I need some "Glory Days" by The Boss and the E-Street band now.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Your Noble Savage is a Straw Yeti.

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Taking a naked QB bootleg 90 yards to the house on the last play of the half. I doubled as the kicker, but I was so frickin tired I drilled it right up the center's ass. Still remember him howling in pain. We won 6-0.

Also, scoring the winning run in extra innings to win the Golden Lunchbox Adult Kickball tournament in Milwaukee and cap off a 4 year unbeaten streak. BOOM, take that Sconny!

Shitter's full

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Hahaha!  I would have loved to have seen that extra point attempt!  

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My first every football game as QB was my senior year and varsity. I broke my ankle in practice my junior year, sophmore and freshman year, and played on the line in middle school. Being a QB was my dream, but it took me awhile to grow up and fit the bill.

I have pitched a complete game when I was younger and struck out 14 batters. My dad made me sign the ball and keep it. Still have the ball to this day.

Hitting 2 home runs my last game of baseball ever! I was always a base hitter but always wanted that homerun. Last game of baseball of my life, I hit 2! My second at bat and my last at bat of the game. I have never been more excited.

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I was a bit undersized in high school (5'4", 115 lbs. as a Sr.). As a result, I had to work my tail off to even be competitive by my senior year.

Even with my small stature, I ran track, cross country, and was on the swim team. During my senior swim season, I managed to come from 2+ body lengths down at the last turn to win the 100 yd. breastsroke at the conference meet. PR'ed by 2 seconds, and reeled-in/out-touched the defending conference champion. Ended up with the 3rd or 4th fastest time in the event in my high school's history. (30+ years of swimming records to that point).

Even got a date because of it at the conclusion of the meet!

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I saw it.  It WAS epic.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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In 6th grade PoP Warner I played the H Back (Percy Harvin Role).  I had one running play and one passing play.  It occurs to me one time on my jet sweep that instead of just running into the DB near the sideline, that I could try and cut it back.  I did, made two more cuts and scored the only touchdown of my career. It was called back on a bullshit holding penalty.  I've seen the grainy VHS footage, that's a bullshit call, the hold was 20 yards behind me.  I would have been penalized anyway because I violated the only rule about celebration they had, I spiked the ball without thinking twice.  After that I stopped growing for about 12 years and thus ended my football career.


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First, I rehashed some of the great OSU tourney moments, most specifically the triple Ron Lewis splashed forcing overtime against Xavier to the orgasmic delight of Gus Johnson. Then, upon realizing there aren't that many electrifying moments Ohio State's NCAA tournament history, I started reliving other shining moments. 

Sorry going to go off topic for just a bit... This quote had me thinking about what we could call shining moments in Buckeye Basketball Tournament history.

  1. Ron Lewis late game heroics versus Xavier
  2. Greg Oden swatting away Tennessee's last shot
  3. Aaron Craft game winning 3 over Iowa State over Niang
  4. LQR hitting the deep three with two minutes left to beat Arizona
  5. WInning the 1960 NCAA title

After that I am not so sure.  Would love to include Oden's "dunk" over Jeff Greene of Georgetown but it didn't go in.  Would also love to include Oden humbling Dorsey from Memphis but that isn't really a moment.  I intentionally left out the O'Brien's final four run.   I cant really think of anything from the Eldon Miller/Gary Williams/Randy Ayers eras. 

OK resume the personal shining moment recollections.

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Ohio Guy in Jersey's picture

I would include Scoonie's steal to seal the game vs. St. John's. Would love to include his block in MSG too. Erick Barkley must have Scoonie Penn nightmares!

KBonay's picture

LQR hitting the deep three with two minutes left to beat Arizona

It was with 2 SECONDS.  Not Minutes.

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I pitched a perfect game in Little League where I struck out 9 guys (which is good for 5 innings). One kid actually fell down cuz he was trying to dodge the curve ball that he thought was heading towards him and ended up as strike three right down the pipe.

I won a game of two-on-two, by myself, against the reigning kings of the court by sinking a 25ft hook shot as they closed in on the trap as I inbounded the ball.

I made a lay up at Indiana's Assembly Hall and then didn't take another shot to preserve my 100% from the field stat there.


“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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A few years ago, I won the "Clydesdale" category of a 1/2 marathon in San Diego...I trained like a mad man, cutting over 8 minutes of my time from 2 months earlier. I didn't have time to wait for the medal ceremony (I was tad without a car, and my fellow Chief who dropped me off/ picked me up had to go t church and couldn't wait; as soon as he picked me up he said "Dude, I think you won your division". We smoked cigars on the way back to base.). When the results were posted, it was the equivelant of winning the Super Bowl...I have NEVER won anything atheletically in celebrate, I took and ice bath, had a carne asada from Adalberto's and walked to church.

"2014 National with it!!!"

+7 HS
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My dad grew up in Dayton and was friends with John Paxson. After I graduated from junior high I went to Paxson's basketball camp and drained 5 threes in a row while he was watching me. That was the last real basketball game I ever played as I decided to focus on golf in high school.

Also, I missed making the Illinois State finals in golf by one stroke my junior year, so I guess that 20 foot putt I lipped out on the 18th hole would be my Dumb Shining Moment.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

+1 HS
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I was playing outfield during a baseball game in 8th grade and it was the bottom of the seventh (we only played seven), tie game, two outs, bases loaded, opposing team had their slugger at the plate.  He hits one deep and somehow I just knew it was mine.  I sprinted what felt like the entire length of the outfield and made a diving catch and my team rushed to the outfield from the dugout and the field to congratulate me.  We ended up losing in extra innings but a priceless moment nevertheless!

+4 HS
Bobcat04's picture

Playing intramural basketball in HS, I made a three that was kind of like Chris' in the article.  Was inbounded to me with a couple of seconds on the clock, I dribbled a little to get closer, and with 2 players closing fast, I hit the buzzer-beater from the left wing.  And baby, the bank was OPEN.  Totally meant to do it too.  Not a huge mob scene, but a few friends rushed the court.  Woo Hoo!

  Freshman football against Portsmouth I took a pitch around the left end for 10-15 yards and met the safety on the goal line.  I scored, and he was helped off the field.  Not that I'm advocating putting people out of the game, but it made me feel like a badass for like a day or two.

  Last one.  As you can tell from the handle and my profile, I went to OU for undergrad.  Took bowling for a class one quarter just for fun and a credit hour.  It was on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you played 2 on 2.  Anyway, if there are any old farts from the 90's like me on here who spent any time in Athens back then, Wednesday was quarter draft night at the Cheese (Greenery).  Got royally wasted one Weds, woke up in my bar clothes, struggled to bowling at 10 am.  Reeking from the bar, still with the stamp on my hand, and without a partner for 2 on 2, I bowled the best 2 games of my life concurrently, and just buried the other 2 people.  Was in a hungover zone.  It was beautiful.

+4 HS
RBuck's picture

"Old farts from the 90's"?

Long live the southend.

ITWASME's picture

Oh yeah I got another shining moment. Last year in football some kid thought he was good cuz he was getting the best of me with a triple team. Yeah he actually thought he was good with a 3 on 1. Anyways he was calling me a bitch and a pussy all game. We lined up for a kickoff and it was finally one on one with that kid for me. I ran down the field as fast as I could not even looking for the returned and hit that kid so hard he flipped and I stood over him Zach Boren style. Unfortunately the next game I tore up my shoulder and can't play football anymore without a high risk of injury

+1 HS
frustratedbuckeye's picture

That's always a good one.  A buddy of mine did that at state.  I still chuckle every time I see the film as he runs right by the ball carrier to smoke some other guy.

ITWASME's picture

Damn double posts

thatlillefty's picture

Great topic, Chris.

Senior year of HS, sectional championships vs. our conference rival (still hate these guys). Pitched a complete game - 3 hits / 10 K's, and batted 2-3 with an RBI and run scored. Up 3-2 going into the 7th inning, I struck out the first two batters then walked the next two guys. Coach walked to the mound to take me out but it's my senior year and possibly last game as a Mariemont Warrior - I'm not coming out for anything. Pitched the batter to a 2-2 count. Next pitch, everyone knows I'm throwing a curve ball. Dropped it 12 to 6 and the batter rolls a grounder to third base. Game over.... damn, I'm grinning ear to ear just thinking back on that game.

Oh and it's 70's and sunny in DC right now and it's supposed to stay that way all weekend. Bout to leave the office and hit up a BBQ. All you gents have a great weekend. Go Bucks!!

frustratedbuckeye's picture

Senior year high school football.  Sacked Dayton Stebbins' QB for a safety to put us (Versailles) ahead for good and help keep us going toward what would be an undefeated State Championship season.    I'm always proud to see my name in the scoring record books with a lonely "2" beside it.

+1 HS
Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Out of all my sporting accomplishments throughout my life the one that booked me a picture on  the front page of my town paper was when I was four years old and knocked in the game winning run in extra innings for our league championship game in Tee ball. It was kind of cool though the coach had me up on his shoulders and the picture took up almost the whole front page. Dave Parker the one that used to play for the reds was present,him and my mother were really good friends and he was the one practicing with me that first year considering he was also my next door neighbor.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

skid21's picture

Junior year in HS I was fouled at the buzzer in a game against our rival. Made 2 free throws to tie the game which we went on to win. Awesome feeling. Matt Sylvester's three is one of my all time favorite sports moments although it meant nothing in regards any tournament hopes that year. I think that shot was instrumental in the building of our program.

BeerNBuckeyes's picture

I was a crappy athlete. I remember a couple of good plays in hs soccer and some funny moments in basketball (usually when I hacked someone)... but my favorite moment was just playing wiffleball in the neighborhood one day in jr high. My biggest rival (in sports, with girls and in the classroom) was a neighborhood kid who talked a lot of trash and seemed to be good at everything. He was pitching, and my team was losing by one in the bottom of the ninth with two outs. We had one man on second. Yes, I smacked one over the fence... and despite it being a silly game of kiddie neighborhood wiffleball, I'll never forget my "The Natural" moment. It seemed to last forever, and my rival stopped trash talking for the rest of that one day.

By the way, that Evan Turner shot still makes me as happy as it did the day it happened. Incredible. 

+1 HS
ScarletNGrey01's picture

I was / am a crappy athlete too bNb.  A few random thoughts:

1) Was in a Judo tournament, was only a green belt, had a match with a black belt who I think decided to go easy on me, we both went down to the mat, I grabbed him and held him down on his back for the required 30 seconds and won the bout as the crowd gasped.  It was a round robin tournament, I had to face him two more times in that tournament and he stomped me both times in short order.

2) One summer I entered our club's tennis tournament for the 4.0 category.  The favored guy, big, tall guy with a monster serve, got knocked out by a guy who I ended up playing in the finals.  I was in the zone that day, did not miss hardly any shots, hit an overhead over the fence (something I rarely ever did) and ended up winning.  When the pro was handing out the trophies (one of the few I ever won), he had a really surprised look on his face when he congratulated me.

3) This is lame, but was shooting baskets in the Y one day by myself, starting shooting three pointers and hit 8 out of 10, typically I would hit 2 maybe 3.  Even a blind pig gets an ear of corn from time-to-time.  No proof, so it never happened as they say.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

ScarletNGrey01's picture

A not-so-shining moment but kinda funny, one of my friends was a big, muscled up district champion wrestler who also played football, defensive tackle.  His high school played Eastmoor one evening.  On one play he saw Archie Griffin come roaring right at him.  He thought "I'm going to nail Archie Griffin right in his tracks, I'll be table to brag about this the rest of my life".  He said he launched himself and hit Archie with everything he had.  Five other players and 30 yards later they finally pulled Archie down just shy of the end zone, which he crossed over on the next play.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

Dirty330Buckeye's picture

My sophomore year of high school I was seeded 3rd at our sectional swim meet in the 100 backstroke behind two seniors from a rival league school who had been beating me all year long. The kid that was seeded 4th was also a senior and one of the biggest trash talkers i knew. I knew going into the race that getting top 5 would be good enough to get me to the district meet the next week even though the first and second made it automatically and did not have to worry about at large bids. Halfway through the race i was ahead of the 4th seed and I knew I had a special race going. On the last turn I looked over and saw I was right with the top seed. I pushed off the wall and gave it my all to win and upset the two seniors who were seeded ahead of. I proceeded to the do the John Wall as a post race celebration then i talked to the news paper reporter and had a decent sized article in the paper the next day. The next week at districts I had a chance at make the state meet and i proceeded to choke because of nerves. My swim along with a teammates that day showed that our program was becoming a force to be reckon with for an inner city school who cared more about football and basketball.

+1 HS
JakeBuckeye's picture

Then, upon realizing there aren't that many electrifying moments Ohio State's NCAA tournament history

With all due respect... Uh, what?

Lewis' shot against Xavier (as you mentioned), Oden's block against Tennessee, Craft against Iowa State, Q against Arizona. That's quite a few over a short period of time.

+2 HS
Chris Lauderback's picture

I was speaking to the entire history of OSU hoops...totally agree they have had a great many moments in the decade but over the course of history, it's not like folks think of Ohio State when they think about the NCAA tournament. I hear you though.

BuckNutInAnnArbor's picture

Got 3rd at the track state meet (1600m) as a sophomore, was boxed in (12th? 13th?) for 3 laps, luckily it was a tactical race (no one wanted to push the pace up front) and I managed to make up a good 30m and just missed out on the win by less than 2 seconds.  The whole way down the home stretch I kept looking down at the ground hoping not to see a shadow creep up on me.  Injury-filled running career after that. 

"...but then again 'Michigan' and 'huge mistake' are synonymous so that shouldn't have been much of a surprise to anybody."  - Mark Titus

+1 HS
Knarcisi's picture

Little league all star game. Struck out 16 and had 4 hits including a homer (one of only 2 HRs I hit at any level). 

+1 HS
KBonay's picture

May sound cheesy but my (2) moments are holding my daughers each for the first time.  Nothing compares to the feeling.

+1 HS
UrbanCulture's picture

My highlights:

down 36 points in third quarter come back to win rec bball

outscored other team by myself last career rec bball game

Game ending interception in OT intramural flag football. 

+1 HS
Brutus's picture

High school football.  I was running with the first team and I caught a touchdown pass...during practice.  That's as close as I ever came to the end zone again.  I pretty much sucked ass in football.  I had a moderately good wrestling career by Columbus city league standards, but put me up against any of the central Ohio suburban schools and I sucked ass there too.  Like Taylor Lewan, all I have known at sports is failure. Chris, thanks for forcing me to confront this 20 years later.  Dick.

+4 HS
Baroclinicity's picture

My senior year in high school -- swimming.  My most memorable race is one that I (we) lost, but not really.

We were not a strong team, and generally overmatched in most dual meets, although I held my own personally.  We were getting killed in this one meet, and the last event was the 4X100 freestyle relay which I anchored.  The guy I was going against on the anchor leg was a state-meet-bound sprinter.

As the third swimmers were coming to the wall, we were down by about 3/4 of a body length.  I knew if I was going to have any chance, I'd have to get a great start, to the point where the ref would come just shy of DQ-ing me for leaving early.  I got a perfect relay start, and his was a little slow, so by the time we hit the water, I made up 1/2 a body length just on the start and was down by just a little bit.

I held with him the entire 4 laps, but couldn't quite catch him and was out-touched by him at the wall.  I dropped 3 seconds off my personal best time in a 50+ second race for me, and more importantly, I made the other guy shit his pants (not literally). 

We became instant friends after that.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

+3 HS
Abe Froman's picture

I had to think about this for a moment.  Not that I had all that many moments, but one in particular stands out as it shaped my later years.  I was a good high school football player, undersized for the O line at 5'7", but I was also a good high school wrestler so I understood leverage and position more than most.

 The story: in 8th grade we were a good team in football with one loss or something and tied with around 2 minutes left in the game.  We were on defense and I was playing defensive tackle.  Not strong enough to bull rush the guy, I typically had to use quickness to fake line way and then go another.  At this point I was tired and my move didn't pan out and I was late getting into the backfield but just in time to see the ball squirt out of the pile.  I reached down, scooped it up and it was off to the races.  With the goal line about 70 yards away I ran as fast as my short legs would carry me.  Around the 20 yard line I looked to my right and left, seeing teammates I eased up just a bit and was suddenly tackled from behind at the 4 yard line.  We had about a minute and a half and 4 plays.  We didn't get it in.  On the bus back, everyone, coaches, players and even the friggin cheerleaders said, "if you were just a little faster."  That summer I promised myself that I would become much, much faster.  I ran that summer.  Living in the country, I had railroad tracks to run on so I chose the challenge and worked on my foot speed by making myself hit nearly every railroad tie while I ran as fast as possible.  

The next time I took the football field, I was the fastest lineman, not one of the slowest.  We went on to go undefeated my senior year with 8 shutouts but didn't make the playoffs due to computer points.  I played both ways and ran a respectable 12.0 seconds in the 100M.  Even though I had 10 varsity letters in football, wrestling and track, I will never forget those words.  Yes, I listened to the Rocky soundtrack on a cassette player while running.

Basking in the wake of mediocrity.....

+2 HS
jmoore3309's picture

Coming forward in the last minute of a 1-1 match and heading in the winner off of a corner.  As a defender, my chances were limited, so that was nice.  

In 1995, I got to play St. Andrews 2 weeks before The Open and I stuck an 7 iron on 18, 6 feet from the cup. I always remember getting applause from the people standing around the green. 

Go Bucks!

+2 HS
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Honestly I have a couple choices that were both pretty special to me. This year our second to last dual meet was against Belmont Hill. We were ranked #1 in New England at the time and they were #2. There were a ton of close matches. Mine was in the middle of the dual. I got taken down to even the score at 4-4 with about a minute to go. I was able to scramble out of bounds and get a restart with about 30 seconds left. I tried a standup right off the whistle but I couldn't get my hips out and got returned, but I landed in my base and got up again and hip pressured until I broke the grip with about 15 seconds left to seal a 5-4 win. The dual ended up coming down to the 106s, who were, ironically, by far the worst wrestlers on both teams. They got into a scramble and their 106 locked up a crossface cradle but ours held onto the other guys leg until he lost the cradle then hit a sag headlock for the fall. It was a ridiculous way to end a great dual but nobody cared because we won.

My second option would be my last year of middle school football against Danvers. We were 5-2 at the time and we needed one more win to qualify us for the playoffs. We'd gotten crushed by them earlier in the year, but I had the best game of my football career so far and ended up with 6 total TDs in I think 12 minute quarters and we won 44-40 (I know we won by 4 and I think that was it). I've never felt that way in any game ever again. I felt like I was perfect, like I couldn't miss. Even though I can't remember all the details anymore I'll remember that feeling forever.

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I was in the 4th inning of pitching a perfect game, I was sitting on the end of the bench and took a line drive foul ball to my forehead! Put some ice on it between innings and pitched a perfect game with a knot the size of a golf ball on my forehead! I was so concussed I don't remember the game though lol

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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