Suge Knight Played Football for UNLV

By DJ Byrnes on August 24, 2014 at 12:51p
Suge Knight played DE for UNLV

Suge Knight, the former Death Row Records executive, — is back in the news. This time for being shot six times at Chris Brown's Video Music Awards party. (He's expected to recover, according to TMZ.)

Today I learned, however, Suge Knight — a more street-credible derivative of his childhood nickname, "Sugar Bear" —  played college football and had a mean, mean perm. (He also went to the same high school as "Weird Al" Yankovic!?!?)


After graduating high school Knight got a football scholarship to attend El Camino College. ECC also produced George Brett, Steve Sarkisian, Chris Mortensen, Fred Dryer, and more.  After ECC in 1985, Knight transferred to UNLV to play football. He took full advantage of UNLV as he was named to the Dean’s list.  After college, Knight was signed by the Los Angeles Rams during the 1987 NFL Strike, and served as a “scab” player. He wore number 79 and played in two games recording no statistics.

Here's the full photo in all its 1980s glory:

Dat perm tho 
Source: @LostLettermen


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I had no idea Suge Knight went to college. I distinctly remember his feud with Puff Daddy and Bad Boy records. At one point, he said something like "Sean Combs ain't even ghetto, he went to college." (something along those lines; it was a long time ago). I guess this discredits Suge Knight even more; he mad.

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Maybe he meant that Puffy went to a college where education matters. Going to UNLV wouldn't discredit it then. 

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Did he shoot players coming to tackle him like in that movie?

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The Last Boyscout.  One of the most underrated Bruce Willis movies of all time.  

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Ain't life a BITCH?!?!?

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Oh, and guess who was shot twice or more last night….?

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Get well soon, Suge

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must be a generational thing.... His football ties were brought up 15-20 years ago when he ran afoul of the law.

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Shot six times? 

Might as well change his name to "Bullet Tooth Tony"

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He also apparently had the same hair as Weird Al.

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