Rutgers CB Ian Thomas Leaves Program for Second Time in Two Years

By DJ Byrnes on June 17, 2014 at 11:51a

The destitute have seemingly just gotten poorer.

It was announced late yesterday Rutgers cornerback Ian Thomas has left the program for the second time in as many years.


When Thomas actually did play, he was a solid contributor to the secondary, and was most definitely in play to be opening day starter in Seattle against the Cougars. Gareef Glashen remains a likely starter at corner to start the season, but past him, the other side is wide open. Bryant Gross-Armiento was turning some heads in practices, but he decided to transfer out as well. That leaves sophomores Anthony Cioffi and Nadir Barnwell with great chances to become key players this season. After going through the trial by fire in 2013, they'll need to really step up with the increased quality of opponents.

The other option is to give a serious look at the true freshmen coming in. Andre Boggs is already getting looks at corner, and Kam Lott and Saquan Hampton could surprise as well. We'll know more once training camp begins.

Seriously, Jim Delany, Rutgers doesn't join until July 1st. There's still time to blow this sham marriage and sort things out over chilled shots of Crown Royal at some back-alley shanty. 


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DJ - might want to add an 'a' in Ian on the title.  =)  ... and shots of CR bring back oh so fond and not so fond memories... I'mma go drink now while catching some Belgium action.

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im the worst.

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It may have been a mutual decision as the coaching staff felt Ian Thomas's name wasn't up to the backfield's unique standards.  Andre Boggs could be next to go.

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Suit up the heavy sax guy...


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Are you sure that's a dude?



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Go back to the AAC Rutgers, you're drunk.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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The New York market and so forth...

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Is it possible that some of these athletes are not going to be able to pass the new academic standards and are leaving before brought to light.  Just wondering why the exodus.

Go Bucks!

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Something is up with Kyle Flood or his staff... Maybe I am imagining things but their attrition seems awfully high.

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