Tre Roberson is Transferring from Indiana

By DJ Byrnes on June 12, 2014 at 10:47a

Here's a bit of a shocker: Tre — real name Trerien — Roberson is leaving Indiana as a redshirt junior and will have two years of eligibility remaining.

The former three-star recruit was once considered Indiana's quarterback of the future, and is the only Hoosier ever to start a game at quarterback as a true freshman. 

Roberson broke his leg in the second game of the sophomore season, and when he returned last year, sophomore Nate Sudfeld had already proved his worth to the team. Sudfeld reportedly held that grip on the No. 1 spot heading into fall camp this year.

So Roberson is leaving IU in a quest for greener pastures. From USA Today:

"I want to thank the coaching staff, my teammates and Indiana University for all of their support over the last three years," Roberson said. "My time in Bloomington will always hold a special place in my heart. I wish everyone at IU all the best as I move on to the next chapter in my life."


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Thought he had a ton of potential and was going to really fit with the direction that Indiana's offense was going.  Best of luck.

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I'm curious to see what restrictions IU holds him to in transferring because I could see him fitting well with a number of other B1G teams.

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If he goes to a B1G team, that's going to cost him 2 years since transferring in-conference will do that to player. I highly doubt he ends up doing that for that very reason.

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He does have potential. Someone will get a very good one!


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Landing spot rumors?

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So that means they'll go from 5 wins to 4.

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maybe Sudfeld has improved from last year, but overall I thought Roberson was the better QB, he was essentially an equal passer to Sudfeld statistically and was a much better runner. Actually last year Roberson was statistically a slightly better passer than Sudfeld with a better yards/comp and TD/INT ratio and an identical completion percent, add in an additional 450 yards on the ground and 5 more TDs rushing and I don't really understand why Sudfeld started.

Although Sudfeld is decent and will likely be fine, where they will have an issue is should he go down, they have no one with game experience behind him now. This could really hurt their offense which was what they were hanging their hat on

plus it is the 2nd QB to leave that program now, just wonder what is driving this exodus

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Dude has skills. Big loss for IU IMO.

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