Playoff Poll Will Be Released on Tuesdays

By DJ Byrnes on April 30, 2014 at 12:24p

According to ESPN, the College Football Playoff Committee's first poll will be released on October 28th and every Tuesday night throughout the regular season. 

The final poll's release date, after conference championship games, has yet to be determined.

It's a good sign that the playoff committee rankings won't be tainted by inane preseason rankings.

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I agree that it's nice they'll wait before their first rankings, but their rankings will almost definitely be based on existing rankings, which are already skewed in the preseason.

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As long as they get it right for the playoff I don't really care about ranking. Anyone can beat anyone

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Except for *ichigan of course.

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The preseason rankings will skew it somewhat but we will still have about 2 months of real football before the CFBs come out. From our vantage point it will be mostly nonconference foes with some B1G mixed in. Hopefully by Oct. 28th all the teams will have a somewhat fair starting point.

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Biggest must in the new playoffs - Be an conference champion.

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Didn't read the ESPN story but here's Tim May's story:


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Why release them at all?  It's not like the basketball bracket is released 2 month's ahead of time.  All it's going to do is create more controversy-but maybe that's what they want.  As the season finishes, how fluid is the committee going to be, depending on outcomes of games?  Can you imagine the outrage of a team and fanbase if/when they drop out of the 4 spot without losing?


I just think they are setting themselves up for failure-not that the system won't work, but they are going to paint themselves into a corner the minute the first poll is released.  Unless all of the chips fall where they are supposed, which never happens, there is going to be a mess at the end of the season.  Just look at how much controversy there was when arguing the 2 best teams, now it will be doubled.  Every year, there has usually been 1 consensus team that belonged in the NCG, and then 2-4 teams in the conversation for the other spot.  Now you will probably have your top 2, then 4-8 teams who can make a case for the other 2 spots.

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This is a horrible idea. The unbiased selection committee should never release rankings prior to the selection itself. What possible benefit is there to having those responsible for picking the top four teams anchoring to a position with only two-thirds of the available data? 

The whole point of the "heavy emphasis on schedule strength and conference championships" is to eradicate preseason bias. Now you have the committee establishing their position less than halfway through conference play and sliding teams up and down every week? Even if they were not biased before, there is artificial bias now built in based on their previous rankings. 

In the AP poll released Oct 27, 2013, Miami was ranked #7 and Texas Tech was #15. Florida State and Oklahoma gained big ground in polls for beating those two highly ranked, undefeated teams that weekend. Later teams to beat Miami and Texas Tech did not receive a similar boost as both teams had been exposed by then. 

The only way to get a relatively unbiased selection is for the committee to wait until all the potential data regarding schedule strength and conference championships is available, a la the NCAA basketball tournament. 

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