Indiana Owns Pat Forde

By DJ Byrnes on April 28, 2014 at 11:16a

The SEC announced last night it will require its teams to play a team from a "power conference" every year. 

Noted funny-man Pat Forde sent out this tweet:

But Indiana isn't ready to back down from a fight:

Well played, Hoosiers. Well played.

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Pat Forde = MAJOR TOOL


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You've offended tools everywhere...

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People forget that the Hoosiers put up 28 on Sparty and Mizzou last year, in fact only us and Wisconsin held them to under 28 points in a game last year. They can shoot it out with anyone and if they ever even pretend to play defense for a season they'll be bowl eligible.

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I'd enjoy watching Indiana against an SEC team other than Bama and LSU. Not much to lose for the B1G and some winnable games for Indiana, seeing how bad some SEC defenses are.

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Well, he could have aimed this at Purdue or Illinois more realistically. But this is why the B1G is considered weak, because of the bottom dewellers not the top dogs. OSU and MSU can hang with most any teams in recent years. No one talks about how bad Mississippi St is. In the SEC, Vandy, Ole Miss, even Kentucky have all gotten better at football in the past 5-10 years.

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UT, and Arky have also gotten worse. UK has had 1 winning season since 2009 (4-20 the last two seasons) so I would not say they have improved. Going back 10yrs PU, IU and Illinois have fielded Bowl teams as well. I think they look better because of the inconsistency of the upper level teams. Auburn wins 1 game and then goes to the NCG the next year, Florida goes 4-8. Teams like MSST, Vandy and Ole Miss navigate easy OOC games and can go sub .500 in the league and look better with a 7-5 record because they beat 2 or 3 league teams. Would say they are better they just get better press being in the SEC.

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See it the other way. A shot at sec and they will take easiest route. Let's face it Indiana sucks. 

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Will someone please call and post what happens...

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Unfortunately the 1-888-OOPS-JEW hotline is no longer available to atone for our sins (I have called it before; it's pretty hilarious).


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THIS very much please

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Pat Forde is like gum on your shoe that then stepped in dog poop.

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Hoosier daddy, Pat?

IU could go score for score with all but the top few SEC squads.  If they ever get a defense, look out.

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Pat Forde loves McFadden's. QED.


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I saw this article on Yahoo! this morning. Everybody's ripping on Forde, but isn't he actually poking at SEC teams here knowing that they won't schedule Ohio State, Wisconsin, PSU, NU, etc., in a home-and-home?



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IU would improve Bama's SOS. 

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Does this mean the SEC teams will come north of the Mississippi? I doubt it.

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Im not sure there is much competition in Canada, and Mizzou did come to Indiana a year ago. The contract im sure was signed when Mizzou was Big 12 but technically it was an SEC team playing a B1G team on the road.