Ohio State's Spring Game Ranks 6th In Attendance Nationwide

By Nicholas Jervey on April 20, 2014 at 4:00p

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School Crowd
Alabama 73,506
Penn State 72,000
Auburn 70,465
Tennessee 68,548
Nebraska 61,772
Ohio State 61,058
Georgia 46,073
Oklahoma 43,500
South Carolina 36,412
Florida State 36,000

Remember those ludicrously expensive spring game tickets? They may not have hurt attendance numbers so much after all, since the 61,058 fans who went to Ohio State's spring game made it the sixth most attended anywhere.

With all of the major spring games having been played, OSU ranks between Nebraska and Georgia this year. Not surprisingly, Alabama and Auburn comprised two of the top three spots. Somewhat surprisingly, Penn State ranked second with 72,000 fans attending; they must really like that James Franklin fellow.

Now, some fun with numbers: If OSU had only sold 30,000 tickets, they would have tied for 13th. With 40,000, they would have been in 9th place. No matter what, Ohio State would have had one of the premier attendance figures; the question is whether they could have led the field if tickets had been $5 all along.


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Kinda hard to judge... Penn St was up because of the new staff.  When Urbs came in our attendance was huge, iirc.  Lot of variables that will influence spring game attendance.  Does anyone have a list of the last 20 years' worth of rankings?  That would be interesting to see.

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Guaranteed 1st place with $5 tickets. That atmosphere would have been even more impressive for recruits.

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Make that two of us. Gaaroonteeed.

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What were the tickets this year?

Just... Go Bucks.


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And Michigan's spring game attendance or lack there of - would place them in the bottom feeders.


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How much did TSUN have to pay the "fans" to even get that attendance?

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Your right......but then again there are a lot of things that make M*C*I*A*N a bottom feeder.

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How do you think Michigan is spelled?

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lol, well played!

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Lol....your right....whoops.

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That's pathetic


Wisconsin Fans


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 if you OSU fans would only understand our student situation and the fact that some of them were not in town, some were taking tests, some don't care about MU football (did I say that out loud?).

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo tired of this stupid argument.  At The Game this year, the stands weren't even close to being full. 

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I absolutely LOVE that "please stay off the field" sign! It's a fair warning to fans who might otherwise get close enough to see the pathetic, putrid display going on in front of them. 

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Are they not even in pads?  What kind of garbage is THAT?

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Past Spring Game Numbers:
2003: 57,200 - $5
2004: 45,074 - $5
2005: 23,000 (bad weather) - $5
2006: 63,649 - $5
2007: 75,301 - $5
2008: 76,346 - $5
2009: 95,722 - $5
2010: 65,223 (bad weather) - $5 (Prior to day of game), $10 (Walk-Up on Sat)
2011: 44,276 (bad weather) - $7 (Prior to day of game), $15 (Walk-Up on Sat)
2012: 81,112 - $7 (Prior to day of game), $15 (Walk-Up on Sat)
2013: 37,643 (held in Cincinnati) - $5 (2-6yo), $12 (General Attendance), $18 (Club)
2014: 61,058 - $12 (Prior to day of game), $20 (Walk-Up on Sat), Reduced to $5 on Fri

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I think it would have been better. Some of those games are free. I'm also not sure if that counted students because I just walked in and showed my BuckID. They also had the South Stands completely closed off for construction. But they might have had even more. Here's hoping for next year! Go Bucks 

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It seems like Ohio State spring game attendance goes with headlines. I expect a big crowd next season as everyone tries to get a look at the QB competition. 

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And then in two years it hopefully will be Gibson's debut, where like RS Freshman of the past two years, he begins his Heisman campaign. 

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Gibson might get us to the 90K mark... I believe that record was set because of TP.

"The future is bright at Ohio State."  - Urban Meyer 1/1/15

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Anyone know the ticket prices for the other top schools?

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Admission was free at the Tennessee and Penn State spring games.

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Penn state had free admission. Imagine is OSU did that. 


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If we can get a few breaks this yr and run the table and Braxton win the Heisman and play in the national  title game. Next yr the spring game will be rockin!!!!

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Jameis Winston won the Heisman, FSU won the NC and we still topped them by 25k.

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He also raped a girl

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*allegedly*. (But really, he likely did it.)

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Apparently rape is merely frowned upon at FSU (and apparently *ichigan) if you're good enough to start. Cause then they won't even investigate until DNA evidence is long gone.

Treat every opponent as if they are capable of beating you, because guess what? They are.

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Gene Smith even botched himself into a decent crowd. 

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He got an $18,000 bonus for breaking 60k in the Spring Game, so he had to lower prices eventually

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You mean he lowered the price so he could buy the tickets to get over 60k, and did the math so he could make out?

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He lowered the price because Urban told him to.

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I thought the game used to be free. They should probably go back to that. I could be wrong though.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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TAX something when you want to drive down consumption

RAISE THE PRICE when you want to drive down consumption


are we nothing but cattle ....to be periodically harvested  ?

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I understand the cost of opening the stadium and conducting the game requires that tickets be sold, but I suggest he prices be kept as low as possible.   We should strive, every year, to have the largest attendance of any spring game held anywhere in the country.  This would be a significant recruiting advantage, even though over 60,000 was probably very impressive to those student athletes present last weekend.   Also, no other Big Ten team, even if they have a new head coach, should  have a larger crowd.

BuckeyeBooster - GO BUCKS !!

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I would really like to know if Ohio State is the only place that charges for the Spring Game.  I know that scUM and PSU don't charge, pretty sure Texas doesn't.  It would be interesting to know, given that Ohio State still puts their Spring Game attendance numbers consistently in the top 10 every year.

Due to the open end, south stands, or the student section (whichever name you prefer) was closed because of the construction, there was no way to really fill the stadium, also thanks to the outrageous initial price.  I would really like to see admission prices stay at $5 per ticket.  This is a scrimmage, no need to gauge your fans.  Give them an "Appreciation Day" once a year - The Spring Game.

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