Chris Fowler is the New Saturday Night Football Play-by-Play Guy

By DJ Byrnes on March 13, 2014 at 11:14a

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Pretty damn cool.

So glad Palmer is being sent to the Siberian labor camp. Will they now stop trying to make him happen as the next Herbie?

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Not really a fan of this move. His voice just isn't a "natural" for game announcing. He bores me on the Thursday night broadcasts. REALLY wanted Brad Nessler! He's much better.

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Was hoping for Nessler as well.

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Fowler's much better than the several alternatives. Sad to see Brent getting the demotion to the backwaters of the SEC Network, though; while he was easy to poke fun at, he is really a master of his craft. He and Herbie did a great job.

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It's the logical move since he's at the Gameday site, and he's pretty good. Solid decision in my opinion. 

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It could have been much worse.

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Let's be honest: the only option for this should be to throw riches at Gus Johnson. Haha

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Still don't understand ESPN kicking Musberger to the SEC. Makes no sense.

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