The Hardest Hits of the 2013 College Football Season

February 12, 2014 at 11:56a    by DJ Byrnes    


(Trigger warning: the video's audio contains some football language.)

Some think the new targeting rules killed contact in football, but as you can see, soul-crushing hits are still alive and well in today's game.


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M Hall double finger in the mix!!!

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Yeah but I'm shocked I didn't see Hall make another appearance when he almost put PSU's Deion Barnes in his grave. How could it be a legitimate hardest hits list without that one? I mean, c'mon!


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I had forgotten about this hit. Absolutely leveled ol' dude.

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Yeah, this one should have been in that mix. Number 10 for Penn State is probably still trying to figure out what the hell hit him. 

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I was hoping to the see the Zeke special teams hit on Purdue. C'mon man!

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That hit by Roby that got him ejected looks completely tame compared to most of these hits.

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Still impressive that Roby dropped a guy that outweighed him by about 75 lbs like a shot.

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Be cool Honey Bunny

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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That ejection was bunk.

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I am a modern-art masterpiece.

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Hey, is that you, Andy?

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It was also slowed down, it looks better full speed.

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It does look pretty tame now, but I've always contended that the helmet contact was just incidental. 

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There was no helmet contact on that hit.  There were several angles in the replays, and one clearly showed no contact between the helmets.  Bogus call by the officials. 

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Texas was getting blown up in every clip.   The Bucks, Bama. 'Noles, and 'Cocks were well represented! 

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Out of respect for Earle, I will write the following without the use of italics:

I really, really loved the soundtrack...modern day hip hop has become so original & unique in it's sound.

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That song is God freaking awful. How music like that becomes popular is so far beyond me. Do people just not pay attention anymore to what they're hearing? Are they unable to recognize someone with actual musical understanding or ability? Good frustrating.


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I tend to agree with you . . . but Unky Buck, you forgot to add the obligatory "Get offa my lawn!" to your mini-rant.

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It's frustrating that kids like music that is so completely awful. I want to force them all to listen to old De La Soul, PE, KRS, Tribe, Black Moon &...I could go on & on, but the stuff today is for the most part, just bad.

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You are so right, Unky.  I had to mute the clip in order to watch it. 

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10 years ago, I'd watch this highlight real and just admire the beautiful display of I am distracted by how many of these slobber knocking, decleater, knock out hits were penalized.  What a shame!

Silver Bullets need to be more prominent on next years highlights!


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Well that got me hyped to go put the pads back on!!!!!

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Can't have a hardest hitting highlight reel without at least one RDS highlight. I think i remember him power bombing someone in a game this season

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That isn't football language. I really hate THAT word. I don't care what the context is. Turned the volume off and I loved the video.