2014's March Madness the Second-Most Upset-Laden in 64-Team Era

By DJ Byrnes on April 8, 2014 at 10:52a

We've known for awhile the NCAA selection committee bungled this year's seedings. Now the results are in, and this year's tournament was the second-most upset-laden tournament in history.

From Phillip Bump at TheWire.com:

Only the 1999 tournament had more upsets than 2014, although the 2001 and 2006 tournaments had the same number of upsets. Note, though, that 2014 also had fewer upsets that were between teams that were only one seeding apart — meaning that it had fewer 9-seeds beating 8-seeds and so on.

Not to get all philosoraptor on y'all, but is an upset truly an upset if the selection committee screwed up the seeds?

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Chief B1G Dump's picture

Is it possible they did this on purpose? Ratings gold?

Or the Vegas mob has their hand in the cookie jar?

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Kurt's picture

I'm still salty over the 2011 bracket which had OSU as the overall #1 seed but with UK as the 4-seed, Syrcause as the 3-seed and UNC as the 2-seed.  I'm sure the OSU-UK game that Friday night made great ratings.

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AndyVance's picture

Just look at the Wisconsin/UK game this year, where you had the #2 Badgers versus the #8 Mildkittens... And the entire telecast you had the clear feeling that everyone looked at Wisconsin as the underdog. A 2-seed should never be an underdog to an 8-seed... so it was clear they mucked up something along the way.