Report: Butler Big East Bound

By Chris Lauderback on March 16, 2013 at 10:20a

Butler will pay a $2 million dollar exit fee and is also expected to accompany Creighton to the Big East. 

Pretty amazing just how high Butler's program has climbed in the last handful of years. 

More on the new Big East:

The revamped Big East conference will include the so-called Catholic 7: Georgetown, Villanova, St. John’s, Providence, Seton Hall, Marquette and DePaul. Xavier is expected to also join the conference next week, sources said. 

The Catholic 7 negotiated to retain the Big East name. The new conference will be effective July 1. Football schools that remained together in the former Big East will select a new conference name.

Brad Stevens played dumb when asked about the report after beating LaSalle. 

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Smart moves by the Catholic 7.

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This move will keep Brad Stevens at Butler for a very long time.
congrats to Butler on this move in the past 4 years they have put themselves in an incredible situation. 

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Let's go X! See ya A10, its been real.

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This will be an absolute game changer for Xavier.  The exposure from the new Big East will help in all aspects (admissions, ticket sales, alumni donations, etc.).  The Muskies sell enough season tickets every year to nearly sell out Cintas as it stands playing an A10 schedule.  Imagine replacing Fordham and St. Bonnie's with Georgetown and Villanova.  Good times ahead for Muskie fans.

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UC must be fuming. They get left behind by the Catholic 7, can't get into the ACC, and now Xavier gets into the new Big East.

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Always the bridesmaid...

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That guy who should have won $50,000 at the MVC championship but forgot to make a three pointer ended up with lifetime tickets to the MVC championship. I hope he's not a Creighton fan.

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I have a friend that works for University of Dayton and he has been told that UD will be getting an invitation to join as well. Huge move for UD if this happens. He also said that in addition to Xavier and Butler (already reported) that Creighton will be joining UD in the next level of Big East expansion. 

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UD is a solid basketball program with good tradition and a nice arena. They have strong alumni and fans. The national exposure UD receives from the First Four and NCAA games is a plus as well. If the Big East can evolve into the Catholic 7 + Butler, Xavier, Creighton, UD and maybe another catholic school like Detroit it would be a power in basketball.

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I think SLU is the more viable candidate.

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

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Agree that Saint Lou is a better choice for the Big East (as well as more media exposure in the St. Louis market).  However, UD would be a great addition as well due to their passionate, loyal fan base.  Selfishly, I would love to see their rivalry with XU remain a league rivalry.  I also think UD and Butler could become a nice rivalry due to the proximity from Dayton to Indy.

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Definitely. UD's fanbase is very underrated (I believe they are routinely in the top 20 in terms of attendance). When Xavier went to the A10 back in 95 they lobbied for UD to come with as well. However, from what I have read Xavier might want to be the only school in the Big East in SW Ohio. It would be a shame if the rivalry wasn't a league game, but I have a hard time believing they won't play at all.

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

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I also think it is a great group of schools for all members really. They are all basketball focused schools with no major football programs so a lot of the resources can go into creating a very talented league in basketball and other minor sports. I do wonder what their new trophy will look like. I would suggest Buddy Christ from Dogma.

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Has anyone read if the Cat 7 version of the Big East will continue the tradition of playing the conference tournament at MSG?

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This league is actually pretty cool. I wish my beloved Bearcats bball team could get in, but a) not catholic, b) mostly composed of thugs, and c) Cincy keeps insisting on having a football team, even though nobody cares or watches. Heck, I grew up in Cincy and I'd probably accept a mild dose of tuberculosis over having to watch Bearcat football. That's why I was a Buckeye football fan from day one.
I wish this new league well. I like the look of it and think with football out of the picture it can really thrive in bball.

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UD alum here.  Pretty much the entire UD fanbase is waiting on pins and needles about whether we can get into the new conference or not.  It would elevate the program to a level it hasn't been at since the 80s, or if they don't get in it would be pretty deflating with what will be left of the A-10.
Hopefully the sporting gods can give the football team I root for Urban Meyer and let my alma mater get into the Big East! That would almost be too much good fortune for a sports fan from Ohio.

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Ditto on all accounts

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I think Archie has the program on the right track (despite the results this year). I also think that the Big East goes to 12 teams with UD and SLU getting high priority; the question really is when (this year or next). If UD has a good next few seasons (which I think they will) I think the Big East extends an invite if they are waiting to expand in the future.
Look on the bright side: Gregory isn't your coach anymore ;)

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

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Georgetown, Villanova, St. John’s, Providence, Seton Hall, Marquette and DePaul, Butler,  and ...... Xavier the most catholic of them all. 

Roll with it.