Kerry Coombs as Woody in the Snow Captures Our First Photoshop Phriday Contest

By Jason Priestas on March 11, 2013 at 5:48p

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Great contest, lots of amazing Photoshop work, looking forward to the next one :)

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Outstanding winner and outstanding contributions, all around.

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Enjoyed this thread, still lmao when I review it.  Gotta love the 11W people for both great conversation and talent.

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Great stuff, lot of fun.

Congrats to kgibby23, well deserved.

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Again, Well deserved.  Soooo many excellent entries.  Soooo little time to review!

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That is freaking awesome

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Congrats to KGibby! There were a bunch of good ones, but this one was really cool & really well done. Hodges 'Dr Stangelove' gets an an honorable mention in my book as well.

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Wallpaper material!

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Props kgibby23.
Can't wait for the next Photoshop Phriday. Who's got next? El Guapo?

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Fantastic. Seamless image, awesome result. Can't wait till next week's contest!

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"Woody" Coombs was my favorite too. Props to 11W for this great idea. It's one of the reasons 11W is my favorite Buckeye site. I can't imagine mgolue or maizenbrew, etc.  doing anything this clever.


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Thanks for the props.   Playboy and College football, what Photoshop was invented for.