Kenny Bell Steps Out In Style

By Johnny Ginter on March 3, 2013 at 11:09a

Every year we see dozens of photos of guys on the football team showing up for spring camp and it is probably the most boring, useless set of photos ever taken in a vapid, transparent attempt to increase page views. WELL NOT THIS TIME.

Yes, that is a ghillie suit. Yes, Kenny Bell is our new favorite Badger. Husker! Husker, sorry.

Source: @11W

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omahabeef1337's picture

Wrong team. He's a Husker. :-P
Also, I'm guessing that was part of this:

Johnny Ginter's picture

whup! my bad, fixed

BME_Buckeye's picture

There is a good reason for this. The first practice; Nebraska did the Harlem shake! 


Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


steensn's picture

Why would anyone let this happen?

RBuck's picture

I wonder if anyone tried to smoke it.

Long live the southend.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Bell is probably not Shazier's favorite Husker. Bell had it coming on this play (unfortunately this was the best clip I could find):

On the other hand, Bell probably did not deserve a flag on this play:

Bell is one those guys that is hated by opposing fans and loved by the home fans. 

D. Anthony's picture

Kenny Bell is a good dude... When Rex Burkehead was injured at the end of a long run last season in the Shoe, a bunch of Nebraska players huddled around and this was right in front of us... Bell took off his helmet and his hair was all over the place as his headband was coming off and he didn't notice it. One of the Buckeye fans sitting in front of us yell "hey, number 80, secure your hair!". He looked up at our section and laughed, gave the thumbs up and corralled it with his headband.
He hurt us that game and I was hating him, but the rest of the year after we smoked them, I rooted for Bell.

D. Anthony

Spriggz's picture

That Harlem Shake video is the best one I've seen. Lord Voldermort er, Bo Pelini getting in on the action makes it even better.