Could Hankins Slide to the Second?

By Ross Fulton on February 16, 2013 at 11:30a

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I just can't see him sliding to the second round.

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I'm going go ahead & claim that Big Hank goes in the first round. I think he's the best at his position. I'm also a complete homer blinded by the scarlet coloring in my glasses - but even if he's not the best at his position - he'll go in round # 1. That much I'm sure of. 

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5th best? What a joke. Mayock hasn't seen much film of him I guess.


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where's honey badger gonna go?not top 5
this is all pre-combine--should be alot of movement afterwords.
really intrigued to see if anyone comes out of combine with increased interest in boren


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where's honey badger gonna go?not top 5

Im sure the pathetic NY Jets will take him with one of their  picks. Rex Ryan loves his low I.Q, undiciplined athletes.


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raiders material


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Future Bengal.

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Lol. Yes and yes.

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Pac-Man Jones and Honey Badger. Bengals fans should have high hopes for that defensive backfield.

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These rankings prior to the combine is a joke.

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Mayock is pretty legitimate.  Mayock is the only objective voice of reason during the Notre Dame infomercials that run during Saturday fall afternoons on NBC.  
Hank has come a long, long way, but maybe Mayock sees something on the tapes causing him to move him down to 5th at DT.  Just because he's rated 5th doesn't mean he'll be second round material as all 5 DT's could be in the top 15.
Even if Hank does drop down, that may not be the worst for him in terms of professional development.  Sliding to the late-mid to late first round may lead him to a better organization opposed to the usual suspects at the top of the draft.  Cam slide down and landed in Pittsburgh, which will allow him to grow under great coaches and respected veterans, opposed to a joke of a franchise like Oakland or Arizona.  I can see Hank landing in New England, where Wilfork is getting up there in years.  Or Green Bay, where former Buckeye Ryan Pickett could be nearing the end of his career as well.
As long as Hank controls his weight and doesn't have reoccuring injuries, he'll do well for himself regardless of what draft slot he ends up going at.

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Mayock is a minion of the Domers. He's stirring the pot.
Mayock earned this:


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Honestly Hankins is a perfect fit for the Steelers 3-4 D. His strengths are amplified in that defense(suck at least 2 defenders and let the l-backers do work) and weaknesses non-existant(the Steelers never ask their center man to rush the QB). Casey Hampton has had only NINE sacks across TWELVE seasons with the Steelers. He also never had more than 43 tackles in a season (that's solo PLUS combined). 
Put simply the type of year that Hankins just had shouldn't and won't scare an organization like the Steelers, because he basically fits their defense like a glove. 

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He could be seen as a bit of an injury risk.

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Big Hank (Bubba Biscuits for Heisman!) was my favorite player from 2012. Sure hope that after the combine, his stock will rise and he'll go high first round.

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2nd or 3rd thread like this and not even close to having gone through the combine yet. Hank's quickness should translate very well. 

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I thought Hankins was a sure top 10 pick a while ago?

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I agree.  Unless he goes into a total downward spiral in the next two months, and I am talking codeine syrup addiction, hookers, illegitimate kids with the daughter of every NFL owner, and admitting that he actually hired a body double to play his games for him, the kid goes in the first.  He gets into the o-lineman quickly and is hard to move once he sets.  The kid is a player and teams will see that.  

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so if big hank doesnt make it in the first round.... where does simon end up???

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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He might not even get drafted the way things are going for him. 


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  Unless he totally disappoints at the combine. No chance  The colts have him at the top of their board and I see them jumping out of their shoes to select him if he slides to them in the mid 20's. 

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I disagree with people who said he didn't produce this year. His big frame took up so much space, that while he wasn't always making plays, he was having an impact on the game. Most of the time his value would go unnoticed. 1st rounder in my book. 

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Not a shocker. I thought he was getting a little too much hype prior to the season, and while he played well, there were times when the interior line was just chewed up. He disappeared. I wish him well, but I fear he is another mediocre ex-Buck in the pros. 

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You have no idea what you're talking about me 320 pounders that can move like Hankins?.....not to many. IT'S NOT A FLASHY STAT POSITION. 
For god sakes the guy has side line to sideline lateral quickness for 320+ lbs.!!!!!


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I wish that Big Hank would slide into New Orleans and become a Saint.

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