Video, GIF of Sam Thompson's 360° Dunk Against Northwestern

By Jason Priestas on February 14, 2013 at 9:41p

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Good show.  Can't wait to see him doing it again against Wisky in the Kohl Center...

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Help is on the way.

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OHMYGOOOODDDD!!!  I had a front-row seat for that.  Right before he rises up, when you can see the second row, I am at the top of the screen.  You can see my white t-shirt under my jersey lol

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Sweet! Years ago I was watching a Syracuse game, against St Johns I think, and they had a guy named David Johnson who could jump out of the gym. In a span of like a minute, he had a regular dunk, then back to back fast break dunks where he did a 180 and finally a 360. The crowd and the CBS announcers went nuts. That was probably 20 years ago and it's still the best dunks I've ever seen in a game.

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Sam reminds me of the days of Treg Lee. He was the king of the alley-oop dunk.

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How that 360 Slam Dunk isnt the top play on Sportscenter is beyond me, let alone 6th.

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I'm thinking it wasn't as exciting for non-Buckeye fans - 
It was kind of more like a 180 - his back was to the hoop before he left the floor.

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That doesn't make it any less impressive....

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It is kind of overrated.  It wasn't on Top Plays this morning and I'm not sure it should be.  Just my opinion and I apologize I don't freak out over every Slam Thompson dunk.  Perhaps it's because he's shown us much better than this particular one.  But the 180 on the floor / 180 in the air kind of takes away from it.

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Best call of the soon as Thompson got the ball the announcer says "oh oh!"

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BTN had a mock Slam Dunk Contest line-up for the B1G and how Thompson wasn't winning is beyond me. Oladipo was winning last I checked.

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Thompson would destroy Oladipo in level of difficulty because of his jumping ability/hang time.  However, Oladipo would probably win out on style points because he can throw it down with a lot more panache.  Thompson is barely heavy enough or strong enough to make the rim breakaway.  His dunks are amazing nevertheless, just not always thunderous.
Sidepoint: Thomas had probably the most electric dunk of his career last night.  That fast break, two-hand behind the head pump was pretty sweet.  I'm surprised he is athletic enough to do that.  I'm talking to you national sportswriters.

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*see Michael Jordan, hang time, flight, degree of difficultly etc always beat Dominque Wilkins and all the other power dunkers. 

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I know I've seen that move on NBA Jam...

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I love watching Slam play shooty hoops.  He is really showing some good defense hee latly.  He had a nice block last night and splashed a tre' as well.  I hope he really blossoms over the off seaon.  seems like a good kid.  Love the baby face.

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During the call on BTN last night (i think it was Jimmy Jackson) right after the two-hand behind the head dunk, said he has a 46 inch vertical. That is serious hops. I like the development of his game during B1G play, shooting and defense. If he sticks around, and he should, Slam could develop into a very good sg.

Side note: do you know what I would do with a 46 inch vert?

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I figure that anyone who ever watched Bill Robinson in a game has to be downright jumping for joy to watch Thompson dunk. It's like when Derek Anderson was at OSU and he'd take off and throw down a tomahawk. Sam, like some other leapers we have had, is fun to watch.