Seven Buckeyes Invited to the NFL Combine

By Jason Priestas on February 7, 2013 at 1:27p

Seven Buckeyes were invited to the NFL Combine, being held Feb. 20-26 in Indianapolis, but cornerback Travis Howard, a three-year starter for the Scarlet and Gray, was not one of them. Those that invitations:

  • FB Zach Boren
  • OT Reid Fragel
  • DT Johnathan Hankins
  • LB Etienne Sabino
  • DT John Simon
  • TE Jake Stoneburner
  • DE/LB Nathan Williams

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JozyMozy's picture

Best of luck to all of these guys...but DAMN, what I wouldn't give to see Zach Boren get a decent shot at a position that's disappearing in the NFL.

ab42beerman's picture

He's probably got a better chance at LB right?  But yeah, hope he makes it.  Kid's got heart.

Earle's picture

I don't think he has the lateral quickness to play LB in the NFL, except maybe in short-yardage sub packages.  I see him as a likely FB/H-Back for a team that uses that position and special teams terror.  Beyond that I wouldn't mind seeing him as an OSU assistant in few years.

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OurHonorDefend09's picture

He's gotta be way better than Owen Marecic at blocking, catching, running, breathing, etc. so I wouldn't mind the browns taking him in the 6th or 7th.

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

Earle's picture

That's setting the bar pretty low, but I wouldn't mind the Browns giving him a shot.

Have you tried Not Your Father's Root Beer?  It tastes just like the real thing, but it packs a punch (5.9%ABV).  It's a little sweet for me though.  Two is my limit.

Ahh Saturday's picture

Boren's transition from FB to LB last season was an amazing thing to watch and convinced me that the kid is a baller.  Put him on a football field and he will make plays.  Presumably there's a GM somewhere with sense enough to see that.

Nappy's picture

Belichick loves versatility.  Wouldn't be surprised to see NE grab him.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

BuckeyeW's picture

I feel like this is becoming a cliche.  People have been speculating with that logic about the last handful of versatile guys. Tebow, Boren, etc.

Scott K's picture

If Boren is going to make it in the league he'll probably have to make his mark first on special teams.  

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Knarcisi's picture

He must be on Howard Island.

ab42beerman's picture

Wonder what NFL folks are thinking of Fragel?  There's a few really nice success stories of TE's turned into OT's that have made a lot of coin in the league.

jameslee203's picture

Fragel could be a 3rd TE, blocking guy on short yardage goalline.  The Giants have Bear Pasco, plenty of other examples around the league.  I think he'll have a better career/chance to make a team than Stony.

Knarcisi's picture

I think the NFL has to think highly of Fragel.  Look at the transition me made with body, position, and technique in one year.  High ceiling.  And he's a grunt. 

Statutoryglory's picture

I'm callling 2nd round pick for Fragel.

Knarcisi's picture

Probably a little high but who knows after the combines. And I support it because I love Fragel. 

Nick's picture

Wow Howard big snub 

Buckeyejason's picture

This is alot of guys getting invited considering its not a super pro talented group. I mean years where we had more pro talent there wasn't as many invited it seems. Boren a best bet is fullback. He'll have a tough time trying to go sideline to sideline in an offensive league.


GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

Boren Reminds me of Kuhn in Green Bay.  As for Howard, I think you have to know how to tackle to play in the NFL. Diving at knees with your head down doesn't cut it next level, unless your Deion.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

KateUptonsLowerBack's picture

Travvy - fuel for your fire, brother!

Rom19750's picture

Zach Boren is the man! I love watching him play his heart out! 
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