Mike Mitchell's Incredible Journey

By Alex on February 5, 2013 at 3:38p

Crystal Ball Run with a fantastic piece on Mike Mitchell and his unique story.

What makes Mitchell even more unique is that even as he gets set to sign with one of the top college football programs in the country, it’s up for debate whether he’s even the best athlete in his own home (unless you ask Mike of course). For that matter, it’s also up for debate whether Mike is even the best football player living under the Mitchell roof.

That’s because while Mike’s play has landed him on the top of just about every recruiting service’s ranking within the last year, he spent a good chunk of his youth largely overshadowed by his younger brother Mickey, who is widely considered to be the best sophomore basketball player in the country (as well as a highly coveted football recruit as well). Not to mention that Mike’s father Ken actually played in the NFL for four years with the Atlanta Falcons, and that incredibly, the eldest Mitchell’s time in the NFL wasn’t even necessarily Ken’s own greatest athletic accomplishment. Ken played minor league ball in the California Angels organization as a teenager before he eventually walked onto the UNLV football team, where he is still in the Rebels’ record book with the third highest single season sack total in school history (11 in his senior year). Since retiring from the NFL, Ken has run Ironman triathlons and a couple years ago became the first person ever to climb Mt. Everest with a knee replacement.


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the sight of this freak gives Michigan fans jitters. that's why I like him

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This is a kid that if he doesn't become the next Katzenmoyer, Hawk, Lil Animal in the OSU LB corps, I'll be shocked.

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I was thinking a cross between Simon and Katz. I think this kid has more God given talent than either of those two, and defintely seems to have his head screwed on better than Katzenmoyer.
He definitely has good parents.



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Do you remember watching Kat his freshman year?  He had oodles of god given talent.  He was huge fast and had wicked instincts.

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I've been telling all my *ichigan friends about this kid and how he's gonna be shattering dreams the next 4 years - 3, if they get lucky.

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Sounds like he is an absolute beast, but hasn't completed his beast mode.  I can not wait to watch this guy destroy the rest of the B1G.

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If he takes to the speed quickly and we can have this guy and Shazier staring down opposing QBs - No stopping 'em!

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The B1G better pray this kid just doesn't catch on, because he has the physical tools to be a flat out stud. I wish a very successful and healthy career to this guy and I can't wait for him to suit up.

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Holy crap! I'm already excited for Urban and co. to start recruiting the younger brother.

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Holy Toledo! After reading that article, it seems that Mitchell may be the the next John Simon.
He really sounds like an athletic freak of nature. And he's a Buckeye!



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And he hasn't waivered at all, which is nice...

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42 inch vertical really puts my 12 inch vertical in perspective...

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Crazy. This kid's bloodline is freakish, and I'm so glad we got him to bolster as depleted a position as our LB position. He'll get PT right away and may be the perfect athletic accompaniment to the already-ridiculous RDS.

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Wow man, What a gene pool. Mitchell's are freaks. 

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so happy to have the Mitchell family as a part of BuckeyeNation

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Holy crap! What a dad! This class is their best since block O and TP.. TOSU moved up ahead of Bama according to ESPIN. Wow! I cannot wait to go to the spring game!