Video: Fan Pushes UNLV Player, Decides it Wasn't the Best Idea

By Jason Priestas on January 10, 2013 at 11:50a

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If that guy responded, he'd be suspended, depending on the response, maybe for the rest of the year. That fan should not be allowed to return to a game on a student ticket for the season.

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Was the kid out of line?  Yes, he was.  But he didn't follow it up and start barking back at the player or anything.  He immediately realized his mistake and didn't seem to argue about being kicked out.  I understand kicking him out of that game, it had to be done so nothing escalated later and to set an example.  I just think it would be a little harsh, considering his follow up actions, to ban him for the season.  Just my opinion.

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"no im straight its all good.. ok which way to the exit?"

I like football

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first thought. "That was a terrible decision I just made."

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I so miss Gob. Buster too.  My favorite episode, of which there are many, is when Buster got all hoppped up on Kool aid. Well done Jason.

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He's lucky the official was right there...the player, that is.

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Great job by the player to not impulsively respond, could have really escalated quickly

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Call me old fashioned but, just for fun, the player should have beat the hell out of that fan.

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I don't think it would be worth losing a scholarship over.

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Rodman would have kicked the living crap out of him.




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I'm just going to troll for a sec...looked like the fan was just helping him up?

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Eh, it wasn't much. I guess he deserves to be removed for making contact with a player, just because of the risk it could have escalated.