The Final Scout 300 is Out

January 9, 2013 at 11:38a    by Jason Priestas    


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Er, Mitchell is 28.

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Also, Mike Mitchell has the fastest listed 40 yard dash time of the Top 100, being all of 6'4 and 225lbs.

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We should have him return kickoffs : )  

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Wow, no Eli Apple or Cam Burrows in the top 100 is shocking to me.  Apple comes in at #111 and Burrows at #123.
Vonn Bell at #25, Shelton Gibson at #152 as well.

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I thought the gap between Gibson and Foster was a lot  

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Scout really likes James Quick as well.  Also, whereas 247 has Dorian Johnson as a top 10 recruit, Scout has him all the way down at #163.
Just goes to show how different some ranking systems can be from one another.  Either way, if you are on everyone's list, you're at least a very good "prospect."

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I really hope that scUM misses out on Green and Treadwell.

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I wouldn't worry about Treadwell.  About 1% chance he ends up at Michigan.  Green, on the other hand, is a high possiblity

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!
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Anyone care to put up the Michigan players in the top 100...or B1G players?  Scout's website is blocked for me.

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!
~Bo Schembechler

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UM in top 100
Kugler 27
Thomas 39
Morris 40
Bosch 49
Smith 62
Lewis 80

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B1G other than OSU & UM in top 100
Hackenberg - PSU 33
Brenaman - PSU 42
Foreman - Wisky 96
And that's all...

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Thanks, Tenn.  +2

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!
~Bo Schembechler

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How is Morris still #40? He looked like #140 on Saturday...

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How does Morris still have a 5th star?

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I'm with you, I don't get it about morris. Maybe based on potential? I also don't see it at all. Hope scum fans keep investing their future hope in this kid, because I have a feeling they will be let down.

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Am I mistaken, or wasn't Kugler being beaten badly on those DL-OL videos from the UA game?

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He did MUCH better than Tuley-Tillman, who was a turnstile in every single one of the videos I watched.

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How is Kugler the highest recruit and ahead of Dawson, Thomas, and Poggi? Both Kulger and LTT looked awful against elite competition. Dawson will be the best OL of this group.

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Apple is a huge omission!

D. Anthony

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I love that Ezekiel Elliott climbed as high as he did. After he originally committed many people on this site were scratching their heads. Trust in Urban

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Apple got jobbed....

JT Barrett would be higher IMO if he didn't get hurt...same for Michael Hill maybe too

Burrows is probably a top 100 kid IMO, but closer to 100 than the 20-25 range they originally had him

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Alex, When do the other recruiting sites make their list final?

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I got jobbed with a down vote for saying Apple got jobbed. Just in the last couple months I've seen more down votes for no apparent reason...I know it sucked not getting to see the Bucks play in a bowl so hopefully that's been part of it and this off season will get better.

D. Anthony

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If you stopped complaining about downvotes, you might stop getting downvoted. That's the quickest way to get the down arrow.