Te'o's Teammates, Classmates Had Doubts About Lennay Kekua

January 17, 2013 at 1:25p    by Jason Priestas    


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OOOOOOOHHHHH!! This is gettin' good.  Whole mess a beans gunna get spilled.

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This story is getting more Squatchy by the hour. At this point even Bigfoot doesn't believe Te'o was duped. 

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The Notre Dame version of this story is about as believeable as the Italian captian of the now sunken Costa Concordia cruise ship saying he "tripped and fell into a lifeboat".....

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Amusing.  I hope there is another press conference to respond to these new allegations.  I did notice that none of MT's teammates commented on the situation very much.  You'd think they would have mentioned something like this more often, considering all of the attention the media gave to the story.

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It'll be interesting to see how much more, if anything, deadspin has in store for us. They seem to have a long game strategy going on here. Post the initial story, which can be refuted by Teo and ND. Let those two do exactly that, taking the bait, then release the rest of the story that makes them look like (or proves them to be, if the story is good enough) liars.
I mean you have to believe that ND could have gotten to the bottom of it if they actually did an investigation, so it'll be interesting to follow.
A more bizarre story, i couldn't imagine.

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