Student Before Athlete

By Ramzy Nasrallah on January 11, 2013 at 9:22a
Following a change of heart, Cardale Jones is now playing school. Classes are no longer pointless. (

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Cardale <3's emojis.

Help is on the way.

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Even if it is mostly for show, I am just glad the dude learned a lesson.  

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Some people's reactions to Cardale's "I don't play school" Tweet seemed overblown to me.
When I was a 20 year old brat fretting over a "stupid" paper due the next day (after procrastinating for three weeks), or cramming for a "meaningless" exam, I had some very unkind thoughts about my professors and the educational system, too. "How dare 'the man' force me to conform to his rigid, outdated, hierarchical conventions, blah, blah, blah . . ."
Good thing I couldn't Tweet in those days, because it wouldn't have been pretty.
Of course, the next day, I would turn in the paper or finish the exam, and voila! All of a sudden, all was right with the educational system again . . .    

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Good thing I couldn't Tweet in those days, because it wouldn't have been pretty.

You probably wouldn't have landed on WE AIN'T COME TO PLAY SCHOOL though.

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True 'dat, because I had the mistaken idea that school was play. My Tweets would have landed on something like I AIN'T COME TO SCHOOL TO WORK.  

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For most people it would've been exactly the same as his tweet but replace "football" with "partying". There must be studious freshmen on college campuses somewhere in this country (i hope) but I have not ever seen any evidence of that. I am just being truthful. 

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I'll go ahead and be the one that takes a small amount of offense to that. Being studious and partying aren't mutually exclusive, just as with studying and football. You have to work hard before you can play hard. Not to say everyone takes school seriously, but there are a ton of people that work hard on this campus

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I agree a ton of people do. I sure did, after my first year. But that was my point. Obviously I used a little hyperbole but I'll stand by my assertion that for the majority of "students", freshman year is almost entirely "playing hard". From my own experience and what I've observed, it seems that people wisen up AFTER freshman year and begin working hard academically, etc. I just find it hard to believe that all the people I saw freshman year not doing s*it academically was somehow this extreme outlier.
But don't get me wrong, people are definately working hard at school on campus. I totally agree. I just have my doubts as to how many of these people are freshman, that's all. 

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Bingo. Cardale had the naivite to put into digital writing what most students of any age think at some point in their education: "I could be (playing XBox, playing frisbee, watching young coeds sunning themselves on the Oval) instead of (writing this stupid paper/listening to this stupid lecture/reading this stupid book)."

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This reminds me of the old adage: Fake it, til you make it.
It if obvious that it is being forced, but if you repeat it enough, over time, it starts to really sink in and take hold.

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

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hey good for him. if it will make him a better student then im happy about that..
i also had to look up his stats - can anyone please confirm he runs faster than a 4.93 40? that's just...slow. because his youtube glenville highlights are pretty good!

I like football

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High school 40s are notoriously awful.  There is even a bit of doubt on Mike Mitchell's 4.39 on national TV because the clock was acting hinky all weekend.  He's a big dude and runs just fine.  I hope he'll get a shot because I'd love to see what he can do in a couple years.

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Yeah. It sounds like damage control to me, but good for him, anyway. At least he got "the message."



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As with with every post here, it's all been said before but here we go...
Yes, his tweets were ignorant. No, he should not have posted them like an idiot.
But remember how crappy your freshmen classes felt like?

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