Serious Business

By Jason Priestas on January 16, 2013 at 10:13a

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Out of state tuition...the ultimate justification for spending big money on athletics.  

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Huh, big shock that the SEC spends 12 times the amount on athletes compared to non-athlete students.
B1G spends the most on non-athletes in the country, by a pretty wide margin as well.

vacuuming sucks

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Once Ohio State is spending school money on football then I will worry about it. 

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and there's the rub. it's all money generated by the athletics department that goes back into it, rather than being subsidized by the school itself.

as a side note, only one SEC school, LSU, does not receive a subsidy from their school. alabama, florida, georgia, etc. are making profits of tens of millions of dollars and yet still taking money from their schools.

completely insane, considering freaking PURDUE manages to have an unsubsidized athletics department

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even more egregious are the SEC schools (like florida) that have insane profits, yet still solicit fees directly from the students themselves

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And yet people find it SHOCKING that ND is sticking by their cash-cow investment Linebacker and that we should TOTALLY trust the PIs ND themselves hired. Because its not like they have MASS incentives to make this all go away. Yup.