Rex Ryan's New Tattoo...

By Jason Priestas on January 4, 2013 at 9:13a

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Edit: You have to wonder about this guy as a coach. If that's type of decision he makes in his personal life, what the hell is he gonna do on the field...he's either screwed up real good with that tattoo, or he played an amazing practical joke on himself!

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Thank you for not posting a picture.

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Wtf? Is she tebowing?

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Surprised it isn't a tat of her feet.

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Haha.  This is exactly what I thought I was going to see.  However, take note of how huge her feet look in the tattoo.

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she looks better in the tattoo

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Can you imagine what his Santonio Holmes and/or Tim Tebow tattoos look like? 

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What is the big deal?

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Besides the fact that he has a tatoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey? Nothing.

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Tattoo of wife?  Fine.
Tattoo of wife wearing mediocre player's jersey that probably wont be there next year?  Something to get lasered off soon.

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There is no way that is real.

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Rex is such turd, makes his father, Buddy Ryan, seem like a great guy...

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As someone who sports ink, let me be the last person to say how lame that work is.

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I have and love tattoos. I thought the same thing. The main reason that I think it is fake is that it is so poorly done and he's got so much money.

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Great. Ruined my lunch. 

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Rex Ryan: Superfreak.

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ahhh WTF -- is this real life? Is that tattoo real or just a publicity stunt? At this point - nothing would surprise me.
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It looks like a Rob Ullman rip-off. A cheap one at that.

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Ed Rife is not impressed.

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