Munger Visiting FSU

By Alex on January 20, 2013 at 11:25a
OSU commit Donovan Munger is on an official visit to Florida State right now. How should Urban handle? (
Source: @11wrecruiting

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Oh, you know...the way UFM normally handles things.

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by selling like a champ?
or delivering the STONE COLD STUNNER?

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Nobody could sell a Stunner like Hall. I really hope The Bad Guy can turn his life around.

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I laughed hard when I saw this.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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[Oh, you know...the way UFM normally handles things.]
You mean by staging fake wrestling scenes for the purpose of entertainment? Nah, not Urban's style. Now Manti Teo on the other hand......

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Mr. McMahon sells a bit better than Hall, only due to the convulsions after the double back-flip

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There's a reason I chose this one in particular. Although I'm fairly confused by the timing of this. Granted, I only was into it during the 90s'ish era...but this is why I ask...why were SCSA and Scott Hall in the ring together?? With WWF he was only Razor Ramon and it was well before SCSA's time....based on the top of the apron, this looks like a Wrestlemania, so I'm trying to figure out when this would've been. I heard Scott Hall came back to McMahon, but from what I understood that was well after the SCSA days. 
Regardless, HBK for life. He could sell everything better than anyone. He was my all time favorite. From early days to ladder match days to D-X to whatever (I never really knew what happened from a certain age...but I heard HBK came back).

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Well i guess i will be that guy.
Kayfabe: you see after the invasion angle "Stephanie and Shane sold their stock in WWF to Ric Flair." then via Linda McMahon announced would be Vince getting Smackdown and Flair getting Raw. 
Real world-Meanwhile at turner tower Hall, Nash, and Hogan contracts were all up. 
Kayfabe:back in the WWF Vince and Flair were battling for control of the WWF which lead to a street fight at Royal Rumble 02. in which Flair won via Figure Four submission. 
Real world- Vince still seeing money in washed up wrestlers and money in the NWO brand signed Hall, Nash, and Hogan. in hopes that it would Prop up sagging ratings and struggling buyrates which would lead to
Kayfabe- Vince being disturbed that he lost to flair decided that he had to do something. vince was going to kill his creation with a lethal dose of poison.
the NWO made their return to the ring at No Way Out 02. at NWO'02 Austin was main eventing with Chris Jericho when the NWO interfered costing Austin the win. 
Austin at mania x8 main evented in a terrible match with hall which lead to one of the greatest sell job of the Stone Cold Stunner.
also Rock Main evented with Hogan in where Rock Carried Hogan to a match of Hogan's career. which lead to Hogan turning Face after the NWO kicked the crap out of rock after the match. which then lead to Hogan getting the Strap at Backlash 02. he would later drop the belt to the undertaker at Judgment Day 02
Real world- Hall would be fired soon after the Plane Ride From Hell. Nash would tear his Quad in his first match back. and Hogan would leave the company after Brock Lesner made him submit to the bearhug and would not return until 2003
Shawn Michaels came back in 02 wrestling for the first time in about four years at summerslam 02. and then would be back full time for about 09. THEN would put on Three matches of a lifetime at Wrestlemania 24, 25, 26.
Please note I am not a Hogan mark

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I just gave you a standing ovation at work. No one around me understood why, but I assured them it was for a good reason.

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thank you, thank you, it was well worth my time. 

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It seems to me that this is just part of the game and if we're going to try to flip commits to other schools, we can't be too hypocritical and not allow it here.  However, when this happened to Hoke a while back he made a great point. This guy is holding a spot that could go to someone who would really want to commit to OSU (or in Hoke's case scUM) and not take official visits elsewhere.  I think these kids should make informed decisions and I hold no grudges if they want to explore their options. As long as they know that nothing is guaranteed to them if they start looking elsewhere, then I'm ok with however this turns out.

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The South will NOT rise again!

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Let the kid enjoy the process while he can. After his visit Urban should be frank and ask him where he stands... If he is unsure of his commitment after his FSU visit, Urban should recruit someone else for the spot. 
These kids need to make sure Ohio State is the place for them. One way of doing this is seeing what else is out there.

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It's awfully warm in Florida right now...sounds like a nice time to "look into FSU" if you ask me :)


its actually been in the 50s this weekend, I had to actually break out my coat

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Good. Suffer like the rest of us. #miserylovescompany

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Low 70s in Tally this weekend. I spent 3 hours at the pool yesterday. I love Florida. 

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Hurricane season starts when again? :/

Then again the remnants keep hitting Ohio.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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its actually been in the 50s this weekend, I had to actually break out my coat

Highs in the teens for the next two days(at least) in NW Ohio and lows in the single digits. I'm sure wind child will be below 0.



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i saw -15 for tomorrow!!

I like football

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That's the windchill, but yeah it's gonna be harsh

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How to do you tell an 18 year old kid to turn down a free trip to SoCal, Florida, etc???

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Yeah, let the kid make sure he wants to be a buckeye. Worst case scenario is they have an extra spot. Best case scenario you have a kid on campus that knows for sure he is in the best place for him! A man convinced against his will is still unconvinced.
Plus lets be honest. The underachievement of talent at FSU is a good selling point for Urban. Falling Short University or 12 and O-SU?

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Once a kid commits then goes on an official visit that should automatically allow the school to pull the offer if they want...maybe the school already can? I just hope that both side can reconsider once a verbal commit decides to look elsewhere.

D. Anthony

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Until the NLOI is signed a player or school can change their mind. Unless your the SEC you can still change your mind if you find someone better down the road. 

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I believe Tommy Tuberville may be familiar with that rule.

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Didn't the 11W commentariat lambast Jabba the Hoke for doing just that not too long ago?  (pulling offer after kid took another visit)

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

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ALHAN is almost right, Hoke doesn't always pull the offer, he just doesn't consider them committed anymore.  So then Hoke may offer someone else and then fill that position up before the person recommits following a visit.  Now if someone visits without sitting down and talking with the coaching staff, the offer does seem to get pulled by Hoke.  Munger talked with Herman before taking this trip, so unless something drastic happens here, I don't see any issues from either side.

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I heard he has an imaginary girlfriend that goes to Florida State and he wanted to visit her

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You and Alex (no surprise) are correct.

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I thought the same thing that he's just seeing the sites for free and what not.  But really this can't make Urban happy to be honest....

But I bet Donovan is enjoiying the sites ;-)

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They should go to the Twinsville Twins Days Festival for obvious reasons.



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76, I didn't read a single thing you wrote in that post.

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Just don't send them pics of your junk. Favre already tried that, with poor results. Who knew?

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An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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I'm all Buckeye through and through, but I have to admit, FSU has got to be amongst the top 5 in the country for hot chicks! If I'm Donovan, I take a trip down there for fun even though there's no question OSU is the place to be. Its not anything to get in a tizzy about and I know Urbz isnt. In fact I'd bet Urban is actually in favor of it because it brings more national exposure, plus its not like we don't have plenty of talent knocking on the door for that very scholarship. There is zero chance Munger goes anywhere else.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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I heard a tidbit that Donovan was cleared by the staff and he's still all Buckeye, so I'm not worried.  I agree this would be a good time of year to take a free trip down to Florida.

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Someone invites you on an expenses-paid trip to Florida in January?  You go.

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According to Bucknuts @ 247, Munger attempted to take the official visit under the radar and was spotted by a Seminole fan in the airport. It then blew up in his face and got all over the interwebz. Apparently those at Buckeye command are not pleased. They also speculate he was basically only offered a scholly because he is from Ohio, and not everyone is convinced of his ability. Just relaying what I read.
This could get more interesting....