Jason La Canfara: Bill O'Brien Likely Gone to Eagles or Browns

By Jason Priestas on January 3, 2013 at 2:32p

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While he may be right, the quotes in the article read like SWAGs more than sourced news.  

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Yeah, it is very much like ESPN without any real reporting and just rehasing someone else's thoughts/opinions. Not to say he won't go, but I haven't seen anything yet that actually gives this anything to stand on. If more information comes out, then I'll start paying attention to it; until then, I'll just sit back and let it all play out.
Oh, and I pray to God that Chip Kelly doesn't go to the Browns (or the Bills from what I've seen on other sites). For some reason I subject myself to routing for these teams (Bills 1st, Browns 2nd) and I think it'd be a miserable few years if he were to coach either of my teams.

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I really hate to hear that. I was looking forward to seeing that same dejected look for many years to come. Bad luck for Penn and the B1G.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Did BOB ever look Coach Meyer in the eye?

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If I remember correctly, he gave him a very, very brief look in the eye, and turned back away even quicker. 

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Just an outsider's perspective, but it seemed to me that BOB was the only thing holding those guys together.  If this happens I expect PSU to start hemhorraging recruits, and players that stuck around last year might start taking advantage of the two-year window the NCAA gave them to play immediately after transferring.

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You raise a great point. I give BOB a lot of credit for sure, and you can't discount the senior leadership PSU had this year as well. And I think BOB and his senior leaders were able to take the "us against the world" mentality about as far as you can take it. You are spot on; without BOB and seniors like Mauti, they will most likely implode.

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Yeah. I came to say the same thing.
How can you tell guys to stay if you have one foot out the door. The fact there are rumors is bad enough IMHO. Unless he prints this report out, walks into their football facility and calls a meeting to burn it right in front of the entire team, he'll have little ground to stand on when every scholarship player asks to transfer.

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Paves the way for whoever they bring in next year to win B1G coach of the year after a .500 season

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Now that is a damn good point right there!

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I'll still be a bit suprised if he bolts.  I truly thought he was genuine in his commitment to the school and the kids that stayed there for him.  I would not blame him, at all, but I would be surprised.

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You know what, it's absolute bullshit for him to take off. He did a great job this year, but he did it because he sold a line of BS to the players to keep them there and playing hard.  He made it sound like he was in it for the long haul and that he thought it meant something to be a part of Penn State, and guys bought in.  If he does infact leave, it's a real dick move.

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If its true
u are completely right
its a big fuck u to all the recruits and kids that stayed
I dont want his phony ass in Cleveland
Its a good bet that Hackenburg decommits now

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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if he stays
I take it back he is a man of his word

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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Welcome to college football. Coaches do it every year. Lame Kiffin, numb nuts that left Pitt for ASU, etc.
Makes me sympathetic for kids who can't decide where to go.

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It's a business. He doesn't owe them anything.

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While I agree with you, if you're going to treat it as simply a business, you can't make comments like he made and then go back and clearly and directly renege on those comments. 

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I said a few days back that I figured he'd go...I disagree to an extent that it's a dick move. He too was sold a bill of goods when he was hired. It's been reported that he was told it was a criminal matter & not a NCAA matter. Then they got hit harder than pretty much anyone ever got hit. The reason I said it's not a dick move 'to an extent' is because I do agree with you about most of what you said. He sold those kids on the importance of fighting & staying & more than likely, that he wasn't going anywhere, although that last part is speculation on my part. He did all that to get them to play hard, which they did. They won, which made him a great coach in everyone's eyes, which in turn is giving him this opportunity to leave...
Still, he's got to do what's best for him. This situation is very different than most instances where a coach leaves after a year. PSU is only going to get worse over the next few years. It's going to get hard to get great players there who have no shot to go to a bowl. The talent level will suffer. If they do get worse & he starts losing more than he wins, his chance at being an NFL coach, which he probably wants, starts to dwindle. He has 4 years of no shot at a bowl game. Where's his reward for being a great coach, for keeping that program together? Why should he wait until 2017 to have a postseason? He deserves a shot at what he wants. Either way, I believe he's a good coach who was great for the B1G & think he's kind of in a no win situation.

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He is coaching in the lowest pressure situation EVER. No one is expecting him to win for about 6 years. He jumps ship he's going to a bad team to expecting him to turn it around and if he doesn't he'll be out of a job in 3 years or less.

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It is a low pressure situation, but I think he'll be expected to now match this years success. I mean, he won't be fired if he doesn't, but people will want that. They don't want to see their team become the sack of dung that everyone is predicting for them, so it's not without it's own unique pressure. Either way, who's to say he doesn't want the challenge of rebuilding a NFL team? Those guys love that type thing. They seem to thrive on it. The all want to be the best HC ever - just like players wanting the the ball when the game's on the line.

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you bring up a good point outside of happy valley no one is expecting a winning team, but inside the valley they are still going to win the championship every year. 
In my eyes it should be a low pressure situation. he has no risk of being terminated. the only pressure that should be is recuiting, also fielding a team that can beat the cake walks they bring in every year and stay competative with the lower end Big Ten schools ie IU and Minnesota. then upset a midlevel Big ten school like Iowa and Purdue.
nfl is always going to be there, leaving your stamp on college program and changing the culture, plus getting rid of the old man smell that lingers never happens.

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I like many others here dislike PSU immensely. However, I don't look forward to BOB going as I am in the boat that says a strong B1G is necessary now more than ever. But I could understand if he left & can't fault him for it. You'd like to see some loyalty in this game, but when I try to put myself in his shoes, the view ahead looks so bleak. Either way, well done on "getting rid of the old man smell that lingers".
Edit: Nevermind - several posters here are saying that he is staying...

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I don't know.   I am obviously an outsider and therefore less likely to be a homer, but I personally think that most realistic PSU fans are more worried for next year knowing that they won't be replacing the talent that is leaving.

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Agreed BT, but as Glenn Fry once sang "the lure of easy money, it has very strong appeal" and i believe this season was a fluke and it's all downhill for the Penn State FB program for 5-6 years




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Oh I don't disagree at all with you, but I don't compare him to guys like Kiffen of Brian Kelly.  He said and did everything perfectly.  He really made it sound like he wanted to be part of Penn State and that it was something special to him, and he wanted players to join him in building the program back.
If he leaves, it was everything he said was a bunch of crap.  His value right now is higher than it will ever be, but man I could never trust someone like that again if I were a player.  It's not as if everything at Penn State blindsided him, he pretty much new what he was getting into and his contract was made with sanctions in mind.
Granted, everything is at rumor stage right now, I can't pile on the guy too much over rumors.  If he goes though, I'll feel really bad for Penn State's players and recruits.  I'd feel really bad for the seniors who he conned into staying.  They had some guys who could of gone elsewhere and won a lot of ball games and played for something. 

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another black monday firing in waiting for my poor Brownies

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Couldn't happen to a nicer group of fans. Good for you Bill. I'd leave that tire fire too.

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His stock at PSU is never going to be as high as it is right now. If I'm BOB, I'd also be taking interviews with interested parties.

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Doesn't read to me that it's such a done deal.  Sounds like he has a bigger buyout than once thought and NFL teams don't want the foot the bill for someone without NFL HC experience.  His wife also reportedly wants to stay at PSU.  BOB not paid much right now, so most likely angling for a raise.  I don't begrudge him wanting to leave.  He joined up before the NCAA sanctions and gave his all this past season.  Ultimately, PSU put itself in this position, and has no one else to blame for it.

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that reported 9 million dollar buy out is going to scare a lot of teams away. 
if he does leave im going to be extremely disappointed, he was the first thing i liked at penn state in well ever

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Fwiw ESPN does not list O'brien as a possible fit for the Brownies.  
edit: ESPN is now reporting he already interviewed. 

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So is the PD's Browns beat writer, Mary Kay Cabot.

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Boy that lawsuit is already working wonders!

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The Browns say their number one criterion for a coach is that he is a strong leader.  Seems like O'Brien fits that description.  I don't think the buyout will scare away Haslam if he decides BOB is his man.

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I'd rather have BOB than ole Chip coaching the Brownies

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Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, B.O'B. Another liar.
You met Urban Meyer on the field one time. He dominated you in your house. You'll always be winless against him as the Penn State coach. Bye.
See ya jack.

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I find O'Brien leaving now to be poetic justice with the state of Penn trying to sue the NCAA at the same time. 

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really hope this ends up just being a load of hot air. I guess I haven't been around long enough,  but I hold no type of ill-will towards penn state or their fans. I live in NJ, so many of my friends/neighbors are penn state alums/fans. 
Basically, I think BOB is probably penn state's only chance at maintaining relevance over the next few years. Would be very hard to attract any type of good coach, especially after a good one just bolted after a year. I think college football (and the B1G, without question) is better when penn state is at least decent. Would be a shame if they went the SMU route

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Big Ten Freshman of the Year Deion Barnes.

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Barnes now says it was a quote from a movie.. Doubt it, but an entertaining twitter feed nonetheless

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Since taken down.  Says it was a movie quote.  FWIW.

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I googled it in quotes in a few different variations, and it didn't come up with any results. If it was from a movie there's a good chance a script or some variation would've come up, as will happen with most lines from movies. He either misquoted, is covering up a ill-conceived tweet, or the quote is from a movie that no one has ever heard of

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Its a paraphrase from Scarface-clearly he meant what we all think he meant.
Man, I love watching Penn State crumble.

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I don't like penn st. Any more than you, but I want a strong B1G, and I think that means a strong penn st.

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Penn State's best is behind them with BOB or not. This year, due to their sanctions, was the best team you'll see there for some time. Don't count on PSU contributing much to a strong B1G.

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With the recruiting class he has, I am just not sure about that.

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No way in hell do I see Penn State becoming like IU in football. There is just way to much talent in that state even after Urb cherry picks his recruits from Pennsylvania.
If you want the national narrative to change about the Big Ten you need a majority of the teams to actually be good. that includes a strong Penn State like pope urban said. it cannot be Ohio State and friends like it has been for the past decade other teams have to pick up the slack.
I hope BOB has the balls to stay at Penn State and ride this out. If not Penn State will be even more Screwed than they already are.

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Meh. Screw Penn State. I still refuse to continue rooting for "a strong B1G" and the like b/c it's WHAT THE SEC DOES. I hate PSU and UM!ch and Wisky and Sparty and every other sad sorry team in our conference. I hope they STINK every single year. Why? B/c we PLAY THEM every year and they're trying to make us LOSE. Only absurdly defeatist southerners with 100+ yrs of residual Civil War regional shame root for "conference". Screw that s*it.  
With the 4 teams (and soon to be more) playoffs coming you don't need to be #1 every year to make the NCG. Further, this will lead to much stronger OOC matchups and conference SoSchedule won't be as important. 
OSU is a national brand. Most of the B1G is not. Face it, that's the reality. We will survive, they probably won't. No need to bend over backwards trying to will them into the 21st century when we gain nothing from doing so. 

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I don't go around chanting B-I-G B-I-G, but I do want my conference to not look like a total joke on the national stage during bowl season and march madness.
No matter how strong an Ohio State team is, they never be respected if the big ten is weak. a perceived weak Big Ten= a weak Ohio State team in the national eye

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If he wanted to quote Scarface, he should've just said "Say hello to my little friend", which on twitter would probably sound a little dirty, but anyway...

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CFB coaching is a fast-moving industry. You strike it rich while the iron's hot or risk being left out forever. If any one of us was in BOB's shoes, we'd all do the same thing (coaching at a non-alma mater school facing certain, institutionally-sanctioned decline we had nothing to do with, and being offered a chance to compete with the very best in the world at what you do). It's a no-brainer. 
Sorry to those sucker recruits who "bought" what he pitched and were able to ignore the enormous smoking crater around State College. It ain't like PSU being a sh!t destination nowadays was a HUGE secret and they got conned in the middle of the night. LOL

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It is definitely another blow for the B1G, but who is to say he sticks around for another 4 years and the ship has sailed. He should get out now while he is still in demand. It might be his only chance.

High and tight boo boo

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Hard to blame him and frankly hard to be mad at him.  He is an NFL guy, PSU had to know he would leave eventually and with all of the sanctions coming down after he took the job, they had to know it would be soon.  I believe he meant what ever he said, but when reality happens you can change your tune in a hurry.
Definitely hurts their team, he was the reason they kept their recruiting class somewhat intact after the sanctions and if they keep Hackenburg they would have a decent team for the next 3-4 years.  If he goes, it will be interesting to see what happens with their top recruits.

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Guys, Penn State is done for at least the next 6-7 years maybe longer; the weight of the sanctions will be too much to overcome. I think the NCAA went way too far; they guilty parties are either gone, in prison or dead. The NCAA is much like Nascar in that they change, bend or make up the rules to suit a situation.

"Fate has cards that it don't want to show"

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I wish there were more rational people like yourself.  This is dead on, couldn't have said it better myself

"You'll be proud of our young people in the classroom, in the community, and most especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the football field." 

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Wow big news is that he has decided to stay put, the Browns are such a dumpster fire that he doesn't want to leave PSU for them... Yikes.