GIF: Mike Mitchell Dons the Winning Hat

By Jason Priestas on January 5, 2013 at 4:08p

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armybuckinva's picture

His mom seems stoked about the decision.  I really like it when the families are more excited than the player is about the school of choice.

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yea, agreed, it was a reaction that had me laughing, feeling good for the family. Good times and glad to have him!

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I know, I like how the mom does a mini fist pump and says out loud, YES!
From what I understand he's the oldest of an athletic family. Hopefully this does lead to good things with Mickey and future Mitchells and their potential future familial relationship with The Ohio State University.

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The next beast Mike Linebacker at The Ohio State University
Mickey time to work your magic can u say 6'4" 245  4.6 40

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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kids a monster, has potential to be one of the greats for OSU...definitely think if he gets the system and understands the schemes early, he will see the field no these LB additions, makes the guys in the 2012 class have to step up their game or they stay on special teams

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Welcome to Buckeye City, Mike! We hope for the best out of you!!

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Trey Johnson's from last night. Collect them all!

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"THE" wink is the best part!!!

I like football

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Along with his mom's(?) big grin :-)

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The one thing I noticed with both Mitchell and Johnson is that they said THE Ohio State but left off university. Its not important, it just sounded strange to me.

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Mike Mitchell gets to the ball with bad intentions. The little time he was in the AA game he made plays. Cannot wait to watch this guy. Trey Johnson as well. Great couple days.

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Yeah, he ran over Green with relative ease which makes me less afraid of backs like Ingrahm, Richardson, Lacy etc.  It's so weird, he seems like such a nice kid when he talks in interviews but on the field it's like he turns into a really fast T-1000.  
He needs to work on his angles of pursuit, for instance he could/should have made the tackle way back on that long kick return, but he took a bad angle and had to run the guy down thus giving up a huge kick return.  
......pretty crazy that we have a LB commit who can run down a kick returner from behind.  He'd going to be an animal.  

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I think he will only get better once he comes to Columbus, he has good motor and is just a physical beast, when it is all said and done, he should be playing on Sundays too.

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Am I the only one who thought Trey's hat was much nicer than Mitchell's was?  I suppose both of them were better than the one Quick donned though..

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Both looked good, Trey's must have been extra small though, couldn't fit it on his head