Gene Smith Favors Ohio State and Michigan in the Same Division

By Jason Priestas on January 19, 2013 at 9:07a

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About time. Conference expansion can continue and this ensures we'll play TSUN every year without making it one of the cross divisional games.

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Here's the devil's choice everyone:
1) Be in the same division and play The Game at the end of the season
2) Be in separate divisions and play them in October.
I'm taking same division all day, every day. Among other benefits to it, this is what you need to realize while your pipe dreams of two meaningful games against them dance in your head. Same division is better.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Agree.  1000%.  I think most Michigan fans agree with this.  And I really don't think that splitting us up in the first place was a choice by OSU or Michigan.  I think that other conference schools insisted on it, so that they could promise their fans and alumni a game with at least one or the other every year.  They might continue to insist, if they feel like they could be put into a division without OSU or Michigan.  But we need to be concerned about the horrible prospect of moving The Game to October otherwise.'s picture

From a marketing standpoint,  the B1G should be eager to show its best brands in the tv markets for Maryland and Rutgers. Having home games on a regular basis with PSU, OSU and scUM would do that. So putting OSU and scUM together makes sense from that standpoint, too. 

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Anyone who believes that the possibility of playing scUM twice in the same season is a good thing, IMO, doesn't truly understand the sacredness of the rivalry. It would cheapen The Game and make it a lot less relevant. Same division is the only way to go. I hope Nebraska can win that division again next year, bc we've avoided this potential travesty thus far; and I know we'll be taking care of our end of it. 

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Gene Smith sucks! "I kind of lean towards", way to say it with conviction Gene! Ohio State deserves a stronger leader than this clown, isn't 8 years enough? You should not be running an athletic dept. of a school where you don't get the traditions.
I get it Gene, that you think ND is the end all be all of college football and they play USC sometimes in November and other times in October, but The Game isn't like that.
It's not The Games, it is a ONE game season. If we never play scUM again for the outright B1G then so be it. Was the SEC crying when LSU and Bama couldn't meet for conference title? No, because this allowed them to meet for the National Championship!
It just really angers me that Ohio States voice in the conference is from someone who doesn't have the best interst of The school at heart.
The reason all these Midwestern (and Eastern) schools are together in the first place is to make money. You make money by selling the people what they want. It's clear the people (the fans of Ohio State and scUM) want to preserve tradition, but Gene and Jim just aren't listening.