Chip Kelly is Not Going to the Browns

By Ross Fulton on January 6, 2013 at 12:43p

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As a Browns fan, the fact that Lovie Smith hasn't even been interviewed, both boggles my mind and frustrates me.

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I still feel the Saban rumors were correct and all this was just the process the NFL requires, interviewing candidates so they get the experience.   The guy has stated he wants to return to Northeast Ohio, his wife states he doesnt even enjoy Bama victories any more.

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That's pretty much the exact opposite of what I read about a month or so ago in an article where it asked Saban's wife about all of the NFL rumors. She said they love it there and they do not want to leave Tuscaloosa. Not sure where you heard her say any of that.

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Coaching Search 2: Electric Boogaloo

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YESSS NICK SATAN TO THE BROWNS. Eagerly awaiting BAMARRR fanbase meltdown/riot/attempt to restart the civil war 

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report is that Kelly returning to Oregon is a 'significant chance'...if so, Timmons = Buckeye IMO as Wilson wont be bailing

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The talk about Wilson is a bunch of hot air. Hes not going anywhere except UO.. Reading his comments from the other day should put any hope to bed...

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Given that the money difference between the top college jobs and the NFL isn't what it used to be, and the difference in the amount of control the head coach has in both places is staggering, people shouldn't be surprised that Kelly keeps making demands (for money or power) that NFL teams are apparently unable to accept.
I was intrigued by the idea of him going to the Browns, but not so much that you make him the highest paid coach in the league, or allow him to be his own GM (the Browns failed that way with Butch Davis). Moving on...

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can't believe they haven't brought in the Walrus for an interview yet ... doesn't that violate racism against walruses everywhere

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Whisenhunt, please.  A comment on suggested Whisenhunt as head coach, Norv Turner as OC, and keep Jauron as DC.  I like that set up.

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agree, I would be happy to land that guy in CLE for sure!!

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Jauron is definitely a guy the Browns need to keep. He was an awful HC for the Bills but he is great as a DC He turned the Browns D around in his first year and they are continuously getting better. Whatever staff comes in, I do hope that if he isn't kept on already that he at least gets a chance to interview for the position.

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I like Lovie or Whisenhunt, but why is Bruce Arians not even at the very least being interviewed? Guy got it done in Indy this year, granted he's in the hospital at the moment, but he should at least be interviewed.  He was O.C. In Pittsburgh and he knows the AFC North.  But then again, he hasn't been interviewed by any teams to this point..

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He wouldn't inteview until the Colts season ended.

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I don't know what the ownership is doing.  Sounds like they don't either.

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Did the browns ever reach out to Saban? Could they be waiting until after tomorrow night?

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It's just negotiating strategy. Kelly was playing hard to get and went on a date with the Eagles, so the Browns are pretending to walk away. 

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Browns fan here, but not shocked at all. Nobody wants this job.



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Who wants the job that is going to take five years to turn around but you are only given two years? The browns were moving in the right direction towards the end of the year but now it's time to blow it up and start from scratch, AGAIN.

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Two words: Wisen   Hunt. Kelly may be an offensive prodigy, but according to his DC Allotti, Kelly has never been involved in the defense one bit, never on the headphones, never in a defensive meeting. I understand delegation of duites, but that sounds pretty extreme. Puts tremendous pressure on having an awesome DC - does Kelly have a track record for hiring awesome DC's? Does he have someone in mind to come with him to the pros? Kelly is too damn unproven to have extreme power, i.e. GM duties as well. I suspect this is what Haslam may be having issues with. Let some team other than the Browns be his first foray into the pros.........

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I agree, only two reasons I was remotely excited about a Chip Kelly hire.  First being the re-opening of Dontre Wilson recruiting and secondly the high probability of getting rid of B. Weeden.

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Something tells me Cleveland may have an interview planned for Tuesday

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Looks like Kelly is heading back to Oregon after all which means there is zero chance that they are getting hit with any sort of real sanctions over that recruiting video fiasco. I don't think he'd willingly go back to a job if he thought the program was going to get dinged in any meaningful way.  I just wonder if he's burning bridges by continually interviewing for NFL jobs and then turning them down.  Is that normal for college coaches who have no experience in the NFL (I can't think of any others)?  Seems a little arrogant, but then again, the guy can coach so I'm sure the next team he interviews with won't care.

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maybe he'll go to 'Bama if/when Saban bolts to the NFL.

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If he keeps doing it, it's going to impact his recruiting. 

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As a Browns fan, I'm shedding no tears over Kelly.  No doubt he is a great college coach, but he seems like a bit of a flake to me.  I guess that goes with the territory if he is really the genius he is made out to be, but he doesn't seem to be able to make up his mind about the NFL.  Maybe he doubts he can make his system work in the NFL, but can't help but listen to those who want to throw money at him.  Maybe he likes the attention.  Maybe he just knows that he's got a pretty good gig at Oregon and would be foolish to throw it away.
At any rate, college football is better off with him and I think the Browns are better off without him.  Give me someone with NFL experience and an offensive system that won't get QB's killed.

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Incompetent ad infinitum


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...and beyond!

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FWIW: I'm not really disappointed that Kelly didn't end up in Cleveland. But, The Plain Dealer has an article that says that Chip Kelly's dream NFL job is with the New England Patriots. He's a New England guy, being from and having coached at New Hampshire for many years before making his way to Oregon to coach under Mike Belotti. Kelly would be very much interested in making a return to New England to coach the Patriots if and when Belichick retires.