Audio: Urban Meyer on the Dan Patrick Show

By Jason Priestas on January 3, 2013 at 10:00a

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thank you 11w staff, good interview.

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Gotta get to 1-0

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I love all the press Meyer is getting despite tOSU not being in a bowl.

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For sure. And don't forget he'll be front and center on the pregame coverage of the NCG too. 

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Gotta keep the name in front of everyone

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Damn I do love Urban Meyer...The things he says, the things he does. Although there was a time when I hated the nickname, we are The Luckeyes indeed!

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How can you not have a serious "Man Crush" on Urban Meyer? "I grew up wanting to coach the Buckeye's." You had me at hello, Urban.

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The dude gives the correct answer to each and every question.  If he would have answered yes to wanting to coach the Browns we(OSU's fanbase) would have gone in to full on diva mode.  Urban is a very smart guy.

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For those like me who couldn't get it to work, here is the youtube link:

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He is so damn cool. 

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I find it funny that Coach Meyer is mentioning all the QBs using the spread and when it comes to San Francisco, he calls him "the San Francisco QB" rather than using his name. 

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showing loyalty to Alex Smith
you gotta love that

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Damn I love that guy!

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How can anyone not want to line up to play for that man!  Freaking class act.

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I loved Coach Tressel. He was the right coach for Ohio State for the last decade. However, I have gone all in on Urban over the last year. What an unbelievable coach and motivator. There is no one else in the world who would be better for THE Ohio State Buckeyes than Urban Frank Meyer. We are so lucky, that we probably won't even realize just how much until a few years after the whirlwind dies down.

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I agree. Urban's going to be a tough act to follow. But let's just enjoy the ride for the next decade or so. There will be plenty of time to worry about the next coach down the road.
And BTW, I think UFM could coach the Browns, Bills or Eagles to a Super Bowl, if he wanted to. We know he can motivate 18-22 year old kids. What makes anyone think he couldn't motivate 21-35 year old men? I think he'd be successful anywhere he went. I think Urban would be one of the most successful insurance salesmen, if he chose to do that.



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my fav coach in the game today.

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again