An Oral History of the 2003 Title Game Between Miami, Ohio State

By Jason Priestas on January 4, 2013 at 4:35p

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Awesome read.

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World War III

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"COKER: That play -- (pause) Maurice Clarett was a football player."
My favorite part of the story.

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Almost in tears reading that (corny, I know). Greatest play I ever saw.
Just ran up to the most grown-assed superman on the field and TOOK IT.

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I've always seen that play as pure heart.

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"Krenzel threw the ball to Jenkins in the end zone and the pass fell incomplete. Miami players began celebrating, but there was a late penalty flag."
Come on SI, get your shit together. The best college football game of all time, one of the most important plays of the game and you can't even get the actors right?

Edit-And piss off Kellen. It was a loss. Your team didn't win.

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The guy who committed that infamous penalty (Glenn Sharpe) has just been charged with murder.

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That is interesting.  Upvote for the info.  I was not aware.

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Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.  Yes, Miami you actually lost.

vacuuming sucks

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Awe - you said it Maestro. I wanted to write a big thing about them not being able to accept the loss, but your sentence covers it.  OSU won. The end.

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This was a good read, brought back a lot of great memories; however, the little jab about the pass interference call being a "bad call" was weak and should've never been allowed in a supposedly unbiased piece.

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C'mon, man.  That is a big part of that game.  Can't just ignore it.

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Yeah, the article mentioned Gamble's would-have-been game sealing catch late in the 4th.
The contoversy over that call doesn't bother me.  The crystal is in the case! ;-)

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I can't read enough about this game. But man, the amount of butthurt still coming from THE U   is enough to make me wish I owned stock in Preparation H.

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Well, Miami has been just about completely irrelevant since then, so . . .

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I chuckle whenever I see "Clarett was unavailable for comment." If he takes longer that two minutes to respond to a text he's either 1) working out, or 2) asleep. Not responding to an SI story means they either had a bad number or didn't identify themselves correctly.

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So true. A random person could probably just ask him on Twitter what he thinks of the article and get a response.

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This was absolutely fantastic! Thank you, thank you.

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Just thinking of Krenzel saying "I'll put that bitch right on you. No thinkin' about it" with Tressel listening in makes me laugh.

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Hilarious.  I thought the same thing when reading that.

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I think you could actually read Krenzel's lips during the game at this point.

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I can't believe the number of guys who were concussed to the point that they barely remember the game.

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I have heard stories of Dorsey puking his guts out on the bus going back to the hotel. I doubt he would be allowed to go back in today

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Yeah this is what I thought while reading the article too. Nickey and Fox both saying they barely remember the game was kind of eye-opening.


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Fantastic is an understatement!  Thanks so much!

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i still have to read the second overtime and i am on the edge of my seat like i don't know what happens. to hear both sides of the story - especially coker's - is really good stuff. thank you for finding this!!!

I like football

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I'm a homer probably but this gives me chills when I read it from Will Allen...
"It was quiet and as we approached the field the place erupts, this roaring sea of red. And I just felt this peace over me, this overwhelming peace."

Champions Bleed Scarlet & Gray

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Great line. Great player. One of my all time favorite Buckeyes.

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I enjoyed the read but Krenzel was a Junior, not a 230-pound Senior

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Yes!  This got me scouring youtube now and found a good Vid of Lights Out aka Doss..

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^Pretty sure that Wolverweeny was crying on the sidelines as well.

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that was an amazing read.

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Cool...especially the reminder that a bad call that went against us was the actual bad call.  That game shouldn't have gone to overtime.  
There was a LOT of NFL talent on that field.  Only a few didn't play in the NFL.

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Agreed. I always forget about the botched call on his catch.
Wow, that was a great read.

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Great read and thanks for posting! Some great quotes, " If you got one-on-one, I'll put that bitch right on you. No thinkin' about it", lots of whining from Miami. It inspired me to watch some highlights of the game and I (as I always do, and did that night) cried like a baby when Cie Grant got his mits on Dorsey.
BTW, the winning touchdown run by Clarrett in the second overtime looked like DAVE, FWIW.

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Cool article.  Great information from all the different players. There were a lot of grown ass men on this team..

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ended up finally rewatching it last night since i didn't get a chance Thursday.  Two thoughts:
1) Fucking Lydell Ross!
2) Forgot what a beast Matt Wilhelm was

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The really bad thing about re-watching that game is listening to Dan Fouts.  I can still hear him yelling 'Bad call! Bad call!'.  It also sounds like Winslow Jr. just can't let it go ... sucks to be him!

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Kellen is a soldier - he'll be fine.

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One of the better articles I've read in years.

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Two thoughts.
The U was done after this game.  No one knew it then...  they've been gone since then.
scum was done after this game.  Yeah, they won the next year, but they were done after this and even now they are not back.
Thank you, Jim Tressel.  This is a gift that keeps on giving for the rest of my life.  I watch this game with my dad several times each year.
This article gives context that makes this game more amazing than it already is.

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That was a season of "living the dream."

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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I bought so much National Championship stuff that year...Even a Waterford Crystal replica of the Trophy..... what a dream year....hoping for another real soon... like in 2013

Go Buckeyes

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Occasionially one gets to read an actual piece of sports journalism. Not a stupid list of crap like Bleacherreport or SBnation. Not mindless fluff that any smart fan can vomit up like buckeyenation. When it happens to be one of the greatest sporting events of my lifetime, all I can say is wow. Absolutely superb.

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