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By Jason Priestas on December 1, 2012 at 2:28p

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The best part about it is that he clearly wasnt paying attention, because there was no specific standing ovation for Tressel separate from the team and it occurred between the 1st and 2nd quarter and not before the game.  In conclusion:


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Hey Drew Sharp, butthurt much?

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They couldn't qualify this year despite a 12-0 record in Urban Meyer's inaugural season because the university opted for a one-year bowl ban as part of its self-inflicted NCAA punishment. (emphasis added).

Um, no. What an idiot. Basic facts are not his forte.

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 - You nailed the 1st thing I picked out. Get your facts right, Drew Sharp. What a tool.

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So what major NCAA violations and or criminal activities has Urban Meyer and his staff engaged in at Ohio State? This guy, Bielma, and maybe some others have toed the line. But they won't cross it and name specifics.
Grow a pair and spit it out or admit you're grasping at straws.

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Sadly, most of the commenters to that article are sounding like the guys over at Black Shoes Diaries.   "We do things the right way."  "Everyone else is cheaters."  etc. 
Coming from a fanbase that supported the Fab 5, it is just surreal.   

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Wow, that article was incredibly irresponsible.  In addition to what's already been noted, I'm glad we can all rely on MSU upright nature to bear the B1G's integrity...while their players who lay motionless on our quarterbacks for significant amounts of time are put back into football games in which they've been knocked out.  I guess accuracy doesn't count for much anymore...

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This guy is the ultimate pessimist in everything he writes. He is hated by everyone who reads his clueless, ignorant articles. That's something even Buckeye and Wolverine fans can agree on.

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Buckeye fans in the comment section. lol

Mike Eldridge "extra stretching" is an NCAA violation and so is a GA lying about which is why UM was charged with "unethical conduct and "failure to monitor" Just like Ohio St. In the eyes of the NCAA, UM cheated and lied. UM didn't get a bowl ban however, after losing to Miss St. 52-14 in the Gator Bowl, maybe they wished they had

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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That was my comment!
Pamela Mason · Top commenter · Hunter College
Mike Eldridge "extra stretching" is an NCAA violation and so is a GA lying about which is why UM was charged with "unethical conduct and "failure to monitor" Just like Ohio St. In the eyes of the NCAA, UM cheated and lied. UM didn't get a bowl ban however, after losing to Miss St. 52-14 in the Gator Bowl, maybe they wished they had.
Thought it looked familiar

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Haha, I was reading a few of the comments and saw "Pamela Mason" come up a few times!  Thought that might have been you!

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Yeah, my BF was working on his car all day ('67 Cobra GT500) so I was bored and thought I would have some with the clueless UM fans on that site.

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Tool shed.  Talk about pandering to your readers haha.  Tressel should be honored.  The truth is Ohio state is the most talented team in the big ten because Ohio has the most talented high school talent, it has nothing to do with a program being dirty.
 Every player, and team in major college football is dirty...maybe Michigan just isn't major college football anymore.

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They have lost to App St. and Toledo!

Buckeye in PA purgatory

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Guess he got tired of ragging on Dick Rod and had to do this lame column. The comments were even sweeter tears than the drivel he wrote.

Long live the southend.

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He might as well have just posted a topless picture of Adriana Lima and written "BOOBS" under it. I would have had just as much jouranlistic impact and it would have achieved the same goal, which is to drive up page views... Now his article is going to be inundated with hits because you know every Ohio State website is linking to this crap and now Sharp can go to his boss and say "Look how awesome I am. I'm getting all these page views!"

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JFUNK, you just described exactly why Mark May still has a job.

We can't stop here; this is bat country...

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Jealous much? What a worthless loser.

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I can't wait into their golden boy Shame Morris arrives and gets slaughtered by our d-line. Then they can fall on tre "Urban is a cheated" excuse and feel good elite about mediocrity.

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Typing on a smart phone is killing my grammar. Apologies.

"Winning takes care of everything. - Woody Hayes"

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MMMMM. Delicious, delicious tears!! I hope he enjoys whatever bread bowls his beloved Sparties or Skunk Weasels go to get annihilated by even more overrated Big XII teams while Urban Meyer whispers sweet 12-0 nothings into their recruits ears each night.

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Going to have to put 70 on Michigan next year in the Big Outhouse.

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@poop. With the Outhouse reference..This thread has just gone in the shitter!! LOL

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

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I wish I knew how to distance "Michigan" from "Drew Sharp."  If our alumni association offered you Drew Sharp in exchange for Art Schichter, could I interest you guys?  We'd be getting the best end of that deal, no doubt.
I warned all of you about Drew Sharp when 11W unwisely linked to one of his columns, less than a week ago
He's the dullest tool the Freep's tool shed.  Which is saying a lot.  Or very little.  I don't know; it hurts my head just coming up with usable insults for Drew Sharp.
The policy at MGoBlog is to ignore Drew Sharp, except in the most dire circumstances.  They will tolerate Notre Dame trolls before they will allow a Sharp/Freep link.  It's a good policy and if I might be permitted, I'd recommend it to all of you.  No more Drew Sharp links.  Deprive the Freep of the page-hits.  And you won't be missing a thing.

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We'll keep Shlichter.  He's a gambling addict not the world's least compentent d-bag.

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Once again why traditional journalism is dying a slow painful death.  This idiot should be piled on the Detroit scrap heap like the f' ing Edsel that he is....

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Nebraska should win this game rather comfortably.

Good call Drew Sharp!  This guy knows what he is talking about, can all you OSU homers please get a clue?

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