What Looks to Be Ohio State's New Basketball Court

December 4, 2012 at 12:15p    by Jason Priestas    
Anything with the silhouette of the state of Ohio is pure win. (twitter.com)
Source: @RoleModel83


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Dammit. I can't check twitter at work. DAMN YOU CORPORATE COMPUTER!!!!!!!!
I have a feeling festivus is coming 19 days early, and I'm starting with feats of strength.

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If you're unable to go to twitter...

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Best floor change was when Matta had the paint 'unpainted'.  Of course, I tend to be a less is more kind of person.   
I'd rather see no Value City references and just a simple Block O at center court.  No sihlouettes, no Buckeye leafs, no dumbass hashtags in front of the bench, etc.
I live in a pipe dream.

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Looks cool.  When are they changing it?  In time for the B1G.

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Looks a lot like the old court at St. John's.
Love it

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i knowwwww. i was about to say the same thing!! but that's just from memory and i never really went there, just watched a few older games on tv, so i don't have the perfect imagination.

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Agreed, I love it.  I loved when I was a kid and OSU and IU had these.

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Pretty close, used to have a red state of Ohio at center court.
Here is a small picture from one end: http://www.stadiumpostcards.com/catalog/OH_StJohn_2.jpg

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also a good article with some older pictures of SJA: 

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I like the simplicity. I also like the state of Ohio on the center court. Keep up the great work. Go Bucks!

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Love it!

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"Trey Burke from Toledo!  Are you kidding me?"

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Don't know if this is it or not. I read somewhere that "the paint" will be a deep shade of red.

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helmet sticker for you 11w staff. 

I like football

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$1 says this just ends up being a picture of some kid's beer pong table.

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I would be so excited to see this happen.  That way the Basketball team can make the great state of Ohio proud too!

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I wish there were more gray involved. When it's just red & white it reminds me too much of Wisconsin. Not too many schools have gray as their secondary color --- OSU should incorporate it more into game uniforms and sport venues.

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I agree, I've always found the gray classy and it sets OSU apart from all the local red/black/white teams.  But I like the looks of the floor.