What Do College Football Stars Study?

By Jason Priestas on December 21, 2012 at 6:02a

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Player: DeMarcus Milliner, cornerback
School: University of Alabama

Favorite class: Math 100

As a junior?

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His quote was even funnier:

 "I had never done math on a computer or without a teacher. You had to teach yourself. It helped me out and I learned a lot. But there's a lot of old math you haven't seen since freshman year in high school so you have to go back and re-teach yourself things you haven't seen in a bit."

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You guys beat me to it. I was laughing at that.
What's the 'old math' that he hadn't seen since he was a freshman in high school (i.e. 6 years ago)?
And you have to love the irony of Jarvis Jones being the only guy in a 'diversity' class.

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Good thing the UNC player didn't have his favorite class as African American Studies.

Read my entire screen name....