Southern Miss Hires Todd Monken

December 10, 2012 at 6:31p    by Jason Priestas    


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Being a coordinator on a top 5 team and MNC contending team isn't a bad consolation prize.
Would probably lead to a better job than Southern Miss, too. Kansas will have a head coach opening soon, anyway.

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Kansas will have a head coach opening soon, anyway.

Heh, how is it not open already?

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Big loss for Oklahoma State. 

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Good for OSU! I want him for another 1 -3 years.

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He's still a coach here. That's all I give a shit about.

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I'm sure Coach Withers doesn't consider this to be great news, but I'm happy he'll probably be around for at least one more season.  Our Defense could use the stability.

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Sorry for coach, happy for the Bucks.  I'd like to see the staff stay together for three seasons before it gets cherry picked.  Won't happen, but here's to hoping.

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i like coach withers in columbus!

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