Rutgers Sues the Big East Over Exit Fee

By Jason Priestas on December 5, 2012 at 2:30p

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GoBucks713's picture

Maybe Delaney will pay for it if they lose?

-The Aristocrats!

cplunk's picture

Oh, the B1G will pay for it. Then take it out of their annual B1G payout, with interest, over several years on some sort of agreed-upon payment schedule.
That's how Maryland can afford to leave the ACC too, if Under Armour doesn't just pay for them.

Nick's picture

If they didn't enforce it on 5 other schools don't see how they can enforce it on Rutgers. Looking good.

wside buck's picture

They are suing because there is a 27 month notice period which they want to avoid. The time will be negotiated down and the price will go up slightly.

Nick's picture

Reading the article, they are challenging both the timeline and fee