Reuben Foster Decommits from Auburn

By Jason Priestas on December 7, 2012 at 1:03p

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Even if he was still going to Auburn that'd be a crummy tattoo.

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if johnson falls through any chance urban pursues him. Great tat shops in cbus lol jk

stark county football

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looks like schools could be catching up with tOSU and raekwon. ND getting some attention from him and now Auburn or Alabama could be in a little better of a situation than before

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Didn't former Buckeye (and now some random Okalahama school RB?) Jermil Martin have a Buckeye tattoo?

Class of 2010

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Maybe Florida Atlantic can take him.

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Little soda water will take that right off..

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The most ironic (and possibly most regrettable in the same vein) tattoo in the world is Terrelle Pryor's big Ohio State tattoo on his arm, know the story.

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He had that tattoo before he came to Ohio State though, right?

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No. Braxton got his Block O tat before enrolling. You might be thinking of him?
TP got his at some point between the spring game and the fall of his sophomore year.

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tat buyer remorse alert!
happens more than you think

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Mr. Cool Ice is voting down our stuff, Josh.

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I thought I had all of those pics taken down.  It was supposed to say Dr. Cool Ice. The guy kept making the same mistake over and over and over......

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sometimes a tattoo helps you remember the fire of love, that a messy divorce snuffs out.   Remember your year long fling with Auburn Rueben....never forget your passion!