Michigan State Gets the B1G on the Board

By Jason Priestas on December 30, 2012 at 5:29a

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Holy S, Sparty didn't Spart!
i gave up on this game midway through the third quarter when it looked like MSU wasn't going to score in a million years. Wow.

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I gave up before halftime. Maxwell looked worse than Bauserman.

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Final stat line: 6/16 for 28 yards and 0 TDs. For comparison, Le'Veon Bell was 1/1 for 29 yards :)

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That was the offensive stat line for MSU's two offensive guys?  WOW.  How in the heck did they put up 17 points?  I too turned this off due to being tired and the game not being exciting at all from the no offense.
Hey, cool, I'll root for some B1G schools (just never PSU, Wisky, or scUM).  Really bummed Minnesota couldn't pull a W out.  I'll be pulling for Brasky, but think they'll get stomped hard. 
Go Stanford and go S. Carolina!
EDIT:  OMG....just realized what you typed.  Bell did have a productive game.  Makes more sense now.

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they may not be good guys, but theconference needed a win.  Actually, those 3 wins are pretty impressive at first glance

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After the Gophers Spartyed the tsun out of their game, MSU felt much less inclined to Sparty themselves.

Interesting note: The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl wasn't even featured with sound at most Bdubs because it aired counter a pay-per-view UFC event; BW3 is a corporate partner of the UFC and is contractually obligated, in most cases, to feature UFC ppv events.


****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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Sparty would have choked if the TCU quarterback hadn't got hurt. Glad for a W for the conference.

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Sparty got outsparty'd. #headexplodes

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Hey, hey...they had five other wins this calendar year as well.  Pretty decent season when you include the win from last season.

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Really?  I decent season for a team that was either at or neat preseason top 10 and picked by many to win the conference?  

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not that I'm a sparty fan, but I believe all of their losses came at a combined point total of 13 points.

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They also lost to Iowa.

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Meh, I still can't stand em'.