"I don't really think it's fair to leave."

By Jason Priestas on December 18, 2012 at 6:19a

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Funny how many times he used the word "regret" in one sitting.  

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Next stop - Cleveland Browns. As a former (and occasional current) Cleveland fan, not sure how I feel about that. I want the Browns to get better, but does it have to be with the joyless, cranky, Nicky Da' Satan at the helm?

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think of Belicheck with less charm

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If the past is any indicator, I would say he'll be on his way out the door soon. This all sounds very similar to the things he said before leaving LSU & Miami...

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He stayed at the University of Toledo one season. ONE SEASON! I still vividly remember LSU fans say how Saban would never leave Baton Rouge.



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It's interesting to read this piece (and listen to the audio); it reminds me somewhat of the NFL Network's A Football Life episode on Jimmy Johnson. Johnson might have been wise to stay put at least twice in his career, but something about his personality pushed him to leave Miami (which ended up being a good move), and to leave Dallas (perhaps not such a great move).
Saban could have stayed at LSU, but he didn't, and that's proven to be a smart decision. Staying at 'Bama until he hangs up his spurs, likewise, would seem to be the smart move. The biggest parallel that jumped at me between watching the Johnson episode and listening to Saban talking about the rumours of "not being happy" is that when these guys are coaching "with their hair on fire," there is a burnout factor, as we saw in FL with UFM. Johnson's wife said "When Jimmy's coaching, he's a totally different person."

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The other thing that strikes me is the notion that these coaches have a responsibility to stay at the schools that "made them." Saban doesn't owe 'Bama anything - he's already given them two Crystal Footballs, and has a 50/50 shot at a third. Urban didn't owe the Gators a darn thing, as he'd already done much the same thing.
That said, I would, like the insano SEC fans (but totally different because I'm not a jerk like them), be totally upset of Jim Tressel showed up coaching Alabama after Saban leaves for the Browns.

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You bring up some good points. Although he rubs people the wrong way, I actually kinda like Saban and really respect the success he's had in his coaching career. The guy has less personality than the walls in my office, but he's a great coach. 
From everything I hear down here in SEC country, should Saban make an exit for an NFL job, his defensive coordinator Kirby Smart would be promoted to head coach. I don't really think he's gonna be leaving, but if he did, it would be because he wants the chance to prove he can succeed in the NFL. His ego might need that. But then again, his ego might need him to remain in Tuscaloosa and go after trying to tie or surpass Bear Bryant's 6 championships won with Alabama. 

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All I can say is, if you feel the need to prove you can succeed in the NFL, there is no better place than Cleveland to make that point!

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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But its exactly the insano Bama fans who can not see football other than Alabama football mattering more than any job-be it the Browns, Raiders, Titans, or any other slew of NFL jobs sure to be open within the next month or so.

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This is true. I know many Bama fans who are like "Why would he ever leave Bama? It's the bees knees of football jobs." Okaay, so none of them said "bees knees", but the point remains, in Bama, there's Auburn and Alabama, and those are the 2 most important teams in the world and NFL isn't nearly as important. 

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That's true for a lot of us in Ohio, too, though. My wife is a Steelers fan, but even before I met her I wasn't in love with either the Bengals or the Browns... just the Bucks, so I get the 'Bama > NFL thing.

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Yeah, but the thing with most Bama fans is the fact that they don't have an NFL team in their state. Not having an NFL team in your state is a big deal. There just isn't much else for them to be consumed with besides Alabama football. If they like NFL teams, it's very split as far as who they root for. I know Bama fans who follow the Cowboys, Steelers, Falcons, Dolphins, and Titans, but none follow them with as much passion as they do the Bama. 

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Totally agree - sometimes we forget (especially those of us living in Columbus) the number of teams we actually can claim ownership to in this state, in multiple sports.


I'm seeming to think the burnout factor will come into play at some juncture, likely after a disappointing season (at least to Bama standards) or a few years of failing to make the national title game or coming playoff. I think his current run is definitely spoiling Bama fans and the bar is going to be impossible to reach every year. They'll be calling for his head on a platter when they fail to win the SEC two or three years in a row.
Its difficult for me to like Saban because he gives me the same feeling I get when dealing with a used car salesman. I refuse to believe the Bama program is 100% virgin squeaky innocent clean. Same as the SEC for that matter. They're just better and getting away with stuff than everyone else is. Doesn't mean I like or respect them.
Not so sure he'd succeed with the Browns, either. That thought will be what keeps him in Tuscaloosa, too.

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I hate Saban. F*ck that guy and I don't respect one bit the "success" he's had in coaching college when he's had every advantage and basically has to play 3 mistake-free "big" games a year while steamrolling inferior competition based on pure talent alone the rest of the way. 
The man showed his true stripes when he went to the Dolphins and COULDNT HACK IT. His coaching chops are average at best but he's a "legend" in college now bc he's a bully who plays with the biggest toys on the block and has found a way to churn out wins against overmatched foes. Put him on an even playing ground like the NFL (or at a relative disadvantage at places like MSU) and he's nothing. Urban went undefeated at UTAH for christsake. 
Ask any of those PROFESSIONAL Football players in Miami what sort of "leader" Saban is. Puh-leeze. Pete Carrol has showed more balls than Saban has. 
I hope he takes the BrownZ job and promptly bombs out in a spectacular manner. 

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Oh yea, he also showed his GREAT footbawll Acumen by choosing Daunte Culpepper over Drew Breesus. 
Smart dude, that Saban