Chad Henne Looks Great in Stripes

By Jason Priestas on December 8, 2012 at 8:10a

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FIXED: Chad Henne's Wife Looks Great in Stripes

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Beat me to it! Wowza!


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Still a douche, stripes or not.

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Chad Henne is a dick, a mother f**king dick. 
At least, that's what I've heard from the the Dead Schembechlers...

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Between this and Brady wearing Uggs, this seems to be the typical poor fashion sense coming out of scUM.  Guys who dress like girls.

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When I clicked on the link, I was hoping for prison stripes.

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Ha!  Was thinking the same thing...

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

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I'm not a tun fan, but he has a great life.  He sits on the bench, in a no-stress situation, making millions of dollars, protecting his body, as he laughs at all the other players destroying their bodies.  To me it's a no-brainer where I would want to be.  I'm sure he says a quick 'Thank you, God' every time Gabbert takes a hard hit and gets up.  Then to top it off, he goes home to a beautiful woman that wouldn't have given him the time of day if he wasn't a jock.  That my friends is called 'living the good life'.  I should add, this applies to all backup QB's.

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It will never be a great life.  It may be OK ...
I bet going 0 and 4 !!! against his rival Ohio State is something that will chew at him forever.  None of the things you mentioned will change that.  :D

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I agree Buckz, great life indeed. 


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It is a nice life, can't deny that at all.  He's still 0-4 against Ohio State and a motherf'n joke, but at least he's in a good place right now.

Class of 2010.

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*looks at photo*


"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes

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*looks at photo*
*looks at chads wife again*
*Gets happy*


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That there is a REAL MICHIGAN MAN.  

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I don't know, any QB that went 0-4 against OSU is ok in my book.  Hart is still a little punk, but Henne never bothered me much. And anyone who thinks making millions for playing sparsely while being married to that doesn't qualify as a great life is eating some seriously sour grapes.