Butler Knocks Off Indiana in Overtime

By Jason Priestas on December 15, 2012 at 4:43p

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Just Butler being Butler.

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Exactly, this is what Butler does. You gotta bring your A-game when you play them. 
They may not have near as much talent but they make up for that in hussle and heart.
Butler is one of the mid majors that never quits and they believe they can beat anyone anywhere because they have done it many times in the past. 
I would love to see tOSU schedule Butler again. It would be a great test nearly every year and there is the history Thad has with the program.
Xavier is another team I would love to see more often than the NCAA tourney. 

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As I tweeted, I love the feeling I get deep within my loins when Tom Crean loses. 

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^^^This.   So much this!  Couldn't happen to a better creep.

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It won't last because it never lasts, but I wonder how long Duke can stay undefeated? They've already played, by far, the three toughest teams on their schedule. Barring a major injury, I doubt they will be an underdog in any game the rest of the season.

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Their schedule is pretty favorable, I can see them staying at #1 for quite a long time.
I have no problem with that either, I thought they easily should have jumped IU after beating the Buckeyes

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Duke is always good for a loss to Florida State.

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yes! I can't STAND Tom Crean!

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Duke's been the #1 team in my mind for a while now.

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Amazing that Stevens is still at Butler. No knock to the Bulldogs, just why hasn't another major stepped up with an offer he couldn't refuse?

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He has a great thing going there and could take any job he wants. I think he will end up at Duke after Coach K hangs em up.

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He is waiting for Thad to hang em up in ab 10 or so.

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IIRC, Stevens signed a long-term contract after the loss in the finals, saying that he wanted to stay at Butler for his whole career.

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Indiana is extremely over rated imho. Craft n lenzelle n scott will control their backcourt easy

stark county football

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A-1-0!! Or is it M-W-C!!!???

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Dickie V. going to be creaming his old man diapers tonight.

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This is just so incredibly perverted and descriptive, with a flair of raunchy.  Bravo.

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Just this week I heard a talking (dick) head on the four letter radio network say he didn't see IU losing a game this season. My Lord those folks ride the waves. At least the BIG gets respect from them in hoops. Must be warmer up here in February. Why else would kids leave the south?