Video: Michigan's Friday Practice in the Shoe

By Jason Priestas on November 23, 2012 at 9:02p

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Nothing about that was okay.  Someone better check the soft preztzel inventory.

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haha, i'm sure thats exactly what was going on! Soft pretzel inventory...


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I started to have sympathetic chest pains, shortness of breath and a shooting pain down my arm listening to Hoke try to speak. Man has pork chops stored in his cheeks.

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We need to beat these Douchers a like they owe us money.  Show no mercy and give no quarter!

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The Official DDS of 11W

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Going through the motions in a deathly quiet stadium must remind them of playing at home.  That has to be Hoke's logic. 

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Except it wasn't quiet. The drummers came in to do their final ramp practice and made as much as noise as we could. When we were done, we stood in our circle and I gave a speech about the rivalry and how that team was going to wish they'd never seen this stadium by the time the half ends tomorrow. They heard me and they looked me in they eye. They haven't earned 11 wins. They haven't protected and clawed for 0 losses. They don't have Urban Meyer. They don't have John Simon, Zach Boren, Garett Gobel, Sabino, Hall, Stoneburner, Miller... Nothing taken from them. They heard every word and tomorrow they're going to live it. 
This is not their stadium and they need to get the hell out. They are not welcome here.
Muck Fichigan


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1st Upvote I have given.


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God Bless you sir. I got goosebumps reading your post!



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I hate Hoke but he has a point here.  As much as it kills me to say this a lot of his ideas make sense.

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Really? Like what? That "Will looks good in shorts"?



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Like them losing so they should practice at the shoe, I hate him now though because of the handshake.

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Question (paraphrase): it's insanely cold and you're wearing shorts. Why?
Answer (paraphrase): look at Will; he's wearing shorts.
MEANING: Brady Hoke calls himself "Will" when he's not eating.

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My question is: Why did they allow them to practice in Ohio Stadium? Make them practice at Coffman high school or something, I say.
One other thing: If I remember correctly, back in 1987 Iowa was ranked #1 and did this too, and proceeded to lose on a rainy night in the shoe to Earl Bruce and the Buckeyes the next day.