Tressel and the 2002 Team Enjoy a Night in Cleveland

By Jason Priestas on November 28, 2012 at 12:02a

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Great read love tressel still but am glad we got urban

stark county football

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Families feud. Family members make mistakes, even father figures. But when you go home, family takes you in.

Great final paragraph, really sums up (what I imagine is) the thoughts of the Ohio State community.

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Tressel gets it.

"Ohio State is such a part of our culture. It's not just about the people who went to Ohio State. It's everyone in the state. No matter where you went to college, part of you is a Buckeye."

I'm still amazed how the media is so surprised that Ohio State fans gave him an ovation. It's almost like they expected boos.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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They didn't just expect boos, they were craving boos and were more than disappointed when there were none.

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This just in:  OSU is ineligible for post-season play this year because of the heinous atrocities committed by Jim Tressel.  Just in case you didn't hear this 1000 times on Saturday.
I am so glad that JT is getting the love and respect he deserves for all he did at OSU, on and off the field.  Bowl ban or no, Ohio State is a better place because Jim Tressel was there.  Buckeye fans know this, even if the national media refuses to acknowledge it.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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It's because it's an easy angle to report.  The "frame" of a such a well-known "good guy" coach getting caught breaking the rules (even if it's relative peanuts compared to what most other coaches have done) is all too easy to drum up interest.
Conversely, trying to educate people that the actual bowl ban came from compliance's failure to monitor DiGeronimo doesn't elegantly package itself into a sound byte, not to mention the "frame" isn't nearly as interesting to the public at-large.
Besides, it would only make sense that the media would get their collective panties in a wad about us honoring Tressel; they spent the better part of a year eviscerating the man's character.  How could they not be faux-outraged?  We honored a man more deserving than most in this shady sport we all love, and I think the media understood that too--but they also understood that everyone else who'd been spoon-fed their muckraking agenda wouldn't get it.  They mere used the most convenient frame available, which happened to be the one they created when this whole shitstorm started.

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It's as though working in a profession where talking points and pseudo-intelletual shouting matches are the norm leads one to believe that the world is binary and nuance is for the dim-witted.


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JT is a good man who made a mistake and accepts responsibility for his actions. #respect

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I'm glad to see Tress getting some much needed love.  Still a class act.  My boys can play for him anytime.

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I admit I was happy to see him and the 2002 team on TV.  It brought back some very fond memories for obvious reasons.  I'm sure a vast majority of Buckeye fans are unhappy with the way Tress ended his career at tOSU, but that wasn't what that moment was about.

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I got chills on Saturday when the 2002 team was honored, and Tressel was hoisted up on his signature team's shoulders,.  It became a trancendant moment in Buckeye history.
All the great things Jim Tressel did for this university, both on the field and off, FAR out weigh his mistakes he made at the end of his tenure that led to his his downfall.   Buckey Nation has a much longer memory than those media critic idiots could ever contemplate.
Frankly, the national media can suck it!
Tressel is LOVED by Buckeye nation, and desevedly so.  The way it all ended for him was very painful.  For the school, for the fans, and for the man.  We were all left in a state of grief.  So when that moment arrived on Saturday, Buckeye Nation finally got to say "Good bye" to Coach Tressel on its own terms.  And most importantly, "Thank you!!!"
For a lot of us, a very emotional page can finally be turned.  And the fact that it all happened on a day that saw our Buckeyes led by Couch Meyer put the raps on one of the most unprobable undefeated seasons, with a capstone victory over TTUN, made it all the more fitting.
Finally, catharsis.

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Still love Tress. I respect that man even more now, than I did when he was the coach. People are going to say what they're going to say. The media will report things that are not true to drive up ratings. Haters gonna hate. But Buckeye Nation knows what Tress is all about, and that's the only thing that matters.
I'm glad he and the rest of us had a brief moment of closure this past Saturday. I applaud the fans in the stadium for reacting to Tressel's moment the correct way; the only way he deserved. God Bless Jim, and may he continue to positively influence young Ohioans for years to come.

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Its funny, I keep reading and hearing talking heads mention that if not for Tressel's coverup we would be playing for a national title.  I contend that without Tressel we might not have been in a posiition to compete for a national title in the first place.