To Buy Out Failed Coach, Southern Miss Sold Home-Field Advantage Back To Nebraska for $2.1 Million

November 29, 2012 at 12:58p    by Jason Priestas    


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I never would have thought home field advantage would be worth that much...especially a regular season game against Ole Miss. Oh well, I hope both parties are happy with the deal!

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College football coaching isn't far from becoming one of the least popular jobs in the country.  Most schools have unrealistic expectations for their coach. 

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No kidding- this is the same USM team that fired Jeff Biower a few years ago- one that started their streak of winning seasons (He had something like 13 or 14 in a row), bowl appearances and wins, (6-5 in bowl games) and four C-USA championships.
THe reason given at the press conference? Jeff Bower would never get Southern Miss a national championshp, so they'd better get someone who could.
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Anyone else hear Nebraska and Oklahoma renewed their rivalry. Good news for the B1G.

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Why is Maryland eager to join the B1G? Where else can a school afford to pay $2mil to buy out a game? Life is good in the B1G.