The Raiders May Play Terrelle Pryor

By Jason Priestas on November 27, 2012 at 10:14a
Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Monday that he and his coaches have "discussed" the possibility of taking a look at Pryor in some capacity. (

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Why not? Terrelle is a great physical talent who has the ability to succeed in the NFL. He's pretty much the same player (physically) as sCam Newton.

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And all it took was Palmer throwing an interception for the 500th time. Good job Raiders. :/

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Hey, he gets paid a lot for those interceptions.

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I've wondered why they haven't at least tryed a new wrinkle with Pryor.
Wait till your 3-8 & the season's lost, coach...good move.
I've been checking the Raiders' games box scores all season along, especially after the strong preseason T.P. had, but they literally haven't played him one time.
That's ridiculous. At least try  the physical specimen of a freak athlete somewhere. Especially when your team has no offense, no spark, and the starting QB is a slow-footed turnover machine.
At least try Pryor on the Wildcat, mabe at WR - throw a fade on a redzone opportunity. Hell, even safety at defense at the end of the half when the other team is trying a hailmary, (I would say end of the game, but the Raiders are usually losing then, so there's no need for the other team to hailmary, when they can genuflect the clock out).
I'm glad they're at least talking about, but, they should have been doing this much earlier. Not saying it's a guaranteed success...but why not at least try him. It's a waste of prime athletic ability just standing on the sideline.

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That implies that he "stands" on the sideline. Most recent TP sighting-!/JozyMcMozy/media/slideshow?

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The reason the Raiders start Palmer over Pryor is because Palmer runs like a damn gazelle (probably faster than TP if you can imagine) and throws the prettiest ball in the NFL....
..Either that or they don't want to say they screwed up that badly on the trade for Palmer. I mean hell it's not like they gave up multiple high-round draft picks or anything for an old, washed-up QB that has a propensity for throwing it to the other team. 

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Go get em young man.
I hold very few Buckeyes in higher regard than that of the most under utilized Buckeye in school history-Terrelle Pryor.

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Good for him. What he did at Ohio State is a tad underrated, in my opinion. I think he has a good chance to eventually be a decent quarterback in the NFL. Only time will tell, I guess.

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He's still got his OSU tats, so I hope he does well and starts earning his $.



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I'd give him a try, at least he isn't some spoiled brat who thinks he is owed the world.........Oh, wait......
Seriously, I think TP should be given a fair shake.  Palmer is a hack.  Let Terrelle learn and get comfortable for the rest of this season and see what happens next.

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TP is a freak of nature, and the NFL loves it's freaks of nature. Somebody will find a way to get him on the field somewhere, and he will have a degree of success.

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I was really hoping Tomlin and the Steelers would take him before the Raiders.
That would have been such a perfect fit.

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BUCKEYELURKER -- maybe they can trade for him.
As good as the Steelers are with player personnel decisions, drafting, etc.  -  I am still shocked that they came into this 2012 season, again, with the two back-ups being Charlie Batch & Byron Leftwich. Both below average, old, slow and flawed. Ben is injury-prone. You need somebody better than Batch & Leftwich. Not sure about TP in the immediate future, but maybe long-term he would be worth the investment. I was excited when my Steelers signed Troy Smith, but pissed when they cut him back in the Spring. I think Troy would be a better back-up than Batch & Leftwich.

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As much as his name will forever be affiliated with a truly dark era in Ohio State football, Pryor still recorded excellent numbers, went 3-0 against scUM, and notched a couple key BCS victories against Oregon and an SEC team. I can't hate the kid--at the end of the day, he was an immature 19-year-old doing what far more veteran players on his own team were doing for years. For crying out loud, this same stupid drama is being repeated as we speak across the nation, the only difference is that our boys got caught and became the media's whipping boy while others ran scott-free (Scam Newton, Willie Lyles, the ENTIRE freaking Miami team from 2002-2010, anybody?).

I wish Pryor luck and hope he succeeds. It would be a waste to see someone with so much athleticism and potential flame out and disappear because some petty adults in some office in Indianapolis decided that their egos and inability to manipulate teenagers around the country into indentured servitude came before a rational introspection on the nature of their game.

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes