The Michigan Athlete's Guide to Higher Education in Ohio

By Chris Lauderback on November 26, 2012 at 1:35p
This should clear up any confusion. (
Source: @ScriptOhio

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Jabba the Hoke needs someone to frame a copy of this for his office.

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He'd still be cornfused.

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That needs to be blown up and made into a billboard, which could be erected outside Toledo, facing north. On a smaller scale, maybe Les Wexner or someone else with money to burn could take out a full-page ad in the AACC student newspaper as well as the Detroit newsrags and reprint it -- you know, as a public service to those who can't figure out the difference.

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scUM loves to brag how elite their program is, but where would it be without Ohioans coaching and playing there? Bo, Woodson, Howard, Lytle, and all the others who went there to win games. Come to think of it, I do know what the Michigan football program would be like if it weren't for Ohioans going there: Indiana.

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very true. they get players and coaches from ohio, and then rag on ohio. hypocritical much? lol

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Ah excellent comparison sir i would have gone with purdon't. same state, same awful teams

I like football

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Love that picture!  Immediately yoinked it and posted it to my FB page.

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"Heh heh. I bet it'll piss 'em off when I call 'em by the wrong school name!"
It's really strange because the people that go along with this whole "Ohio" thing must think it's some sort of genius troll move, right?

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They do.  I have a few neighbors that are AACC fans.  Both born and raised in NWOhio, but are "Hokey" and want to be contrarian.  They tried to get me one night by calling OSU, Ohio.  I shut them down with, "Call us what you want, you guys lose to any team with Ohio on its chest, I understand your confusion."  I haven't heard it since.

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still needs "state" thrown on there.

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