So You're Saying There's a Chance

By Jason Priestas on November 19, 2012 at 1:08p
"Hoke: Denard Robinson is close to 100%... Could start now" (
Source: @umichfootball

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He's just dicking around. I saw Denard's warmups only a few days ago and he's not 100%. Hoke has the tact + fashion sense - coaching ability of Bill Belichick

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I wouldn't put anything past Flounder.  He will try/do every trick in the book to get an advantage.  I would not be surprised to see detard line up as the Hback and throw a pass.  The defense better be ready for every possibility.  Wont be surprised to see arm punts from detard at all.

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.... in the slot."

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"Have you earned your buckeye today?"

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scUM is a better team with Gardner at QB and Robinson at RB and makes for more mismatches against us. I can't imagine why Hoke would want to start him at QB apart from maybe this being his last start of the regular season and wanting to throw him a bone.

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They might HAVE TO start him at RB because of Toussant's broken leg....

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bu also, this.

"Have you earned your buckeye today?"

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And this.

"Have you earned your buckeye today?"

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Let's not make statements like "UM is a better team with Gardner at QB" until we actually see him against a decent secondary, like ours (assuming Travis Howard can stop inexplicably falling down in coverage)
The last time he threw into a secondary that had any proficiency was against his own team in the spring game, which --and all the tape available on mgoblog-- was a train wreck. Not saying he's not a good QB, but I'll take my chances with the inexperienced QB-WR-QB, with a guy that can't play RB or hold the ball with his good arm at TB, over the latter at QB (which, if I recall correctly, beat us last year)

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assuming Travis Howard can stop inexplicably falling down in coverage

Ugh. Why did he have to start doing this again?!  Do better Travis!

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I can actually answer that question by simply stating that Travis Howard is simply not a good corner, and is even a liability in his position. I won't shed a tear to see his spot up for grabs next year, as Wisconsin's passing game got considerably less sturdy when Doran Grant came in.

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wow. thanks coach. players have off days. been more than a solid player in his time here.

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Fair enough, though I respectfully disagree

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From what I've seen, Gardner is a better passer than Robinson.  That may not be saying much, but at this point, I think UM gains more by lining up Robinson at RB with a threat to throw and having two "capable" passers in the game. Hopefully, none of this makes a difference in the end and the good guys win.

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UM is definitely a better team with Gardner at QB, hands down, no doubt about it.  He's been consistently accurate with the deep ball (unlike Denard's throws that are 5 yards short), and accurate with his intermediate throws.  Not to mention he can also scramble fairly well.  Roby better be on Roundtree Saturday, cause if Howard is on him, Roundtree is going to light him up.

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I actually think the faster DBs should be on Jeremy Gallon, in my opinion he's more of a threat. Roundtree is a marginally dangerous slot-type that's lined up out position. He's had some luck and some bad coverage in the past few weeks, and I think a legitimate cover corner will shut him down. Sadly, we can't just clone Roby


If Robinson starts he wont last, especially if he tries to throw the ball. Like last week I think him starting is purely symbolic with him being a senior. The Game means something to him, too.

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Really doubtful Gardner will have someone running wide open forty yards down the field or that he will be able to heave throw after throw forty yards down the field toward covered receivers and get completions. Seems to have been these two scenarios several times with him at QB recently. Luck stops at some point. No matter who the opponents are.

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Window dressing.  Same reason Denard didn't attempt a throw last week.  Denard might "start" at QB, but Gardner will get the majority of snaps.

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Bradley Roby justed watch TTUN-ND film and is saying "oh God please start Denard".

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First play of The Game: Touissant lines up in the slot hopping on one leg, yells at John Simon calling him names to distract him. Meanwhile Shoelace is lined up as a receiver, Gardner takes the snap, gets ready to pass, drops the ball into Shoelaces hands on a reverse, who zig zags East and West for what seems like an eternity. Meanwhile TOUISSANT IS STILL HOPPING, waving his arms and Shoelace laterals to him. Touissant realizes he cant run, so he laterals back to Gardner who throws an interception to Roby for a pick 6. And so forth.......

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"Hey Woody, why did we call that play?"

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This is starting to seem like a terrible Breaking Bad parody...
Walter: JESSE!! We're gonna cook in the Michigan backfield! THERE'S NO ONE THERE!!!
Jesse: Mr. White... I don't know about this..
Walter: JESSE!!! Think about it! All they'll run will be passes and quarterback runs!! THEY'LL HARDLY NOTICE US!!!!!
Jesse: Mr. White... this is the first time I actually agree with one of your plans...

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.