Ryan Shazier vs. Manti Te'o: A Statline Comparison

By Jason Priestas on November 5, 2012 at 7:46p
Shazier stacks up well [thanks to BrewstersMillions for the inspiration]. (imgur.com)

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Nick's picture

Ryan Shazier for Heisman trolololol
shows how ridiculous Teo for Heisman is

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Interesting...so what does everyone feel is greater...


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Well obviously FR changes the game a lot more, but you often have little control over those.  If you are tackling right and going for strips in particular situations you can control FF, so I think I would put more stock in those.

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Heisman isn't all about numbers. That kid is one huge reason why ND is undefeated and ranked top 5. That has been one huge reason Heisman candidates get votes. If you are either best or most valuable to one of the top teams, you too can be a Heisman candidate.

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I can honestly say that a huge reason why Ohio State's D hasn't completely sucked all year is because of Ryan Shazier...

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Serious question: What constitutes a sack? Because this certainly looks like one to me. (I don't recall this play being voided because of a penalty or a timeout before the snap...)

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ESPN has him credit for 1.5 sacks for the season. And the 1 is in the Oklahoma game. It was this one.

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Thanks, Buckeye.33 that's what I thought. No need to sell Te'o short, the point still remains even with him having 1.5 sacks instead of 0.5.

Jason Priestas's picture

Yep. I shorted him a sack. Thanks for the correction.

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Te'o does a lot of things that are left out of the box score, similar to Aaron Craft. Let's all be rational here...

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Agree. He runs that defense and is the type of guy the whole team rallies around and takes on his personality. I don't think he will, or should, win the heisman, but I have no problem with him getting an invite. 

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But how can you measure, or even really know those kind of things are going on? If he's a huge team leader, well that's great, but aside from the coach telling us so, we don't know anything other than what we see on the field.
It's too subjective. (Which may be a stupid statement considering we're talking about the Heisman here.)

buckeye.33's picture

And Aaron wont be getting POY this year.  And they forgot touchdowns in those stats.
Shazier: 1
Te'o: 0

Nick's picture

I don't think anyone is saying he isn't good but he isn't Heisman worthy at all just like Laurinaitas and Hawk weren't either and I'd take those two over Teo

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RDS will get his turn. I give Te'o the right of way on this. He's a class act and deserves the talk.

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And a lock as a first round pick next year.  I think he'll be a great NFL linebacker (and I hate saying anything positive about ND).

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Very few linebackers are worthy of heisman talk, Teo is certainly not one of them.  There are only so many Aj Hawk's.

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It is difficult for a linebacker to have the tackle and sack numbers, today, to make them look heisman worthy due to the plethora of spread offenses.

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this is fantastic... I think Teo is an awesome LB, but he is getting most of his PUB for playing at ND and ND being unbeaten, ND needs a poster boy and Teo is it. I honestly believe if Miller finishes the year strong he deserves the heisman, but will likely get shafted as we are ineligible and he is only a sophomore... Klein and Miller have similar numbers as well if Im not mistaken, and Miller is just flat our devastating to opponents.

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manti teo is a great LB, but if he were on literally any team but notre dame he wouldn't even be sniffing the heisman

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Yeah Johnny, that's the problem with ND winning again. This type of thing will happen annually with an ND player with the Heisman or other awards or rankings. They will be where they really should not be.

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God I wish I could up vote this!

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I certainly agree with this sentiment, as the media's love affair with Notre Dame is well documented but we should remember that they have played (albeit in close games) tougher teams than OSU (though I still think the call in OT versus Stanford to end the game was bogus).  Oklahoma is no Illinois--though they probably are over-rated.  I think that a side-by-side comparison after the season is over will give a clearer view of who has performed better, as both teams will have faced ttun, and I predict that Shazier will have the bigger numbers. 

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Someone (not me) could argue that because of their *insanely* difficult schedule, more traction should be given to the player who plays against better teams.
I personally think that's dumb, but could be why Teo is getting all the love over Shazier.

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Ryan was a tackling machine last weekend. He seems to be playing his best football right now. He's all over the field and plays great intensity. He has a great shot at being an AA next year.


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My wife went with me to the game this past weekend and she wondered out loud if anyone else on the team was aloud to tackle, or just Shazier.  He was in beast mode.
Teo is a good linebacker, but he isn't Hiesman good.  Johnny is right, if he played ANYWHERE else he wouldn't be in the discussion.

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I noticed the same thing.  I wonder if the combination of his friend's passing (which is tragic) and Urban Meyer's "more aggressive" role in the defense in the past few week has set him on fire.  If this is the case then we have ought to have some great expectations for him not only in the next two games, but also for the remainder of his time in Columbus.    

"We hate to lose, but when we do, rest assured we'll be back, and someone will pay the price." Coach Hayes

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Aww thanks for the nods dudes!
17 more solos is a ton. I know Shazier has one more game but that is a boatload of solo tackles. Shazier is a one man wrecking crew on a unit not as deep as the one Te'o is on. He's a fine LB and should be a first rounder this April but he's been in the right place at the right time more than he has taken over games\plays\series' like Shazier has.
I'm just having a hard time with the fact that its ND and the guy has a sob story. But for ND's record and his personal life Te'o isn't mentioned.

TennesseeJohn's picture

True. A lot of extra attention was thrown his way due to the personal stuff he has going on. That's gotta factor in to Heisman consideration.

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Looking at the stats, "stacks up well" is the understatement of the year.

Long live the southend.

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While I get the point about stats, the old eye test says otherwise.  Shazier has been good, but the competition he has faced has been significantly worse, and Shaizer is one of just a few stars on an otherwise lackluster Buckeye D.  I think if you have them switch teams, Teo would have crazy stats.

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Would Te'o still be getting the same hype if refs had not blown (or just plain ignored) calls this season resulting in maybe a 2 loss ND team?  Stanford could have a TD called for them at the end of that game and the Pitt game was an officiating tragedy.  
Just a thought. 
Another thought.   At this point everyone knows about Te'o's off field story. And it really is sad, but set aside the emotional aspect of it.  He's had tons of early season exposure from the sports media. So I ask - What if none of the off field circumstances were there.  Would he still be a media darling? Would his name still be tossed around for the Heisman?  Look, Te'o is still a hell of a football player and deserves praise and credit for everything he's done. But a Heisman?
 I know it seems a little callous but it's a legitimate question. 

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.