President Gee Gets a Raise and a Bonus

By Chris Lauderback on November 9, 2012 at 1:23p

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That's a lot of money to spend on bowties!!

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Good for him. He deserves it for the amount of money he's bringing in.

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Why does he need a raise? He's already the highest paid public university president in the United States. 

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So what? I get a raise and a bonus every year if I do my job well, make and save the company money.  Why shouldn't EGG?

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So much this.  Besides, even with the raise, he's still making less than a quarter of what Urban's making, and (as I've said previously) we're just as lucky to have Gee as we are our head football coach.  Granted, the Athletic Department is a separate entity from the University, but he's gone far and above the established call for our university president.
With all the construction that he's been driving, he's ensuring a massive new cashflow into the university with new and renovated dorms, making a two-year stay on campus mandatory for students, improving facilities and research (which, admittedly, was one of Holbrook's pet projects--Gee is furthering her strides, tough), and leading the charge in promoting green energy on campus.  He is the  reason that Ohio State's brand is so successful outside of athletics, well worth a raise if you ask me.

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Let me get this straight. The man is set to make another $25,000 a year and is getting a $333,000 bonus, but my tuition is still going to go up? Seems entirely logical. 

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And anyone that has ever been to a USG meeting will tell you: For as much good as the guy does, he simply doesn't give a shit about the high costs of the education.

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Pam, I'd also like to point out that a university isn't a Fortune 500 company where it's main goal is to generate a profit. I understand that a school must at least make enough to remain operational, and while under Gee the school has definitely reached new heights (I've previously defended Gee in many posts), the point of the university system is to socialize, and educate the nation's citizens, not make a nice buck off of them. The guy isn't hurting and already has a nice expense credit/fund as well, so again I fail to see why he needs a raise when the school just raised tuition rates again.

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Also it doesn't even make sense to compare Meyer and Gee's salaries when the Athletic Department is a separate fiscal entity from the university.

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One reason he might need a raise is that they want to retain him.  He left before and he could leave again if he doesn't feel that he is being compensated appropriately.  
I know he loves OSU and is unlikely to leave, but given his successes I don't see the harm in ensuring that he is retained.  Also I am sure that most of this was already written into his contract, so it isn't like this was a new decision, it is just being executed now.

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Rumors are he already has plans to leave and run for governor, while Dr. Javaune Adams-Gaston would assume the spot of president. If these plans are already in place, the board would be foolish to advocate retention money.

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If that is a rumor going around, wouldn't the trustee's have heard it as well?  EEG running for Gov. sounds pretty far fetched to me.

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That's exactly my point. And why is it far-fetched for a skilled businessman with the support of the community, the money and power to run, and a great track record to run for governor?

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Gee looks to see $358,000 more this year. That means the 42,916 under grads (Per Wikipedia) are going to have to pony up $8 more per year per person to cover that nut.

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That's beside the point. OSU has no legitimate reason for raising tuition if they're going to cough up an extra $350,000 a year for Gee. 

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Pretty sure Gee pay comes from endowed funds...i.e. our tuition does not go towards his pay. 

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My point was that his raise and increased tuitions don't have anything to do with each other.

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So his bowtie allowance doesn't lose ground to inflation?

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In b4 "Gee sucks"

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I don't think OSU is hurting financially like some institutions (looks at U of I). If Gee is part of the reason, like any good employee the man deserves his new paper.

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Appicability and a great (student) discussion on Gee's salary (and his executive staff) vs how much they make for the university:
The link also includes a citation from 11W!

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That man makes some good money!
I don't really see how anyone can complain about this, he's doing great things for this university.

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Don't like it. This is unacceptable as they continue to raise tuition.
We need to address the educational- industrial complex in this country.

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"In 2010, Gee gave back his entire $296,786 bonus. In 2008, he established a scholarship fund with a $1 million pledge. Gee created the fund to cover tuition and fees for one student at each class rank for four years."

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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Yes.  The man has given more than most of us make.  Stupid people that aren't worth that kind of money don't make that kind of money.  Smart people realized he was worth whatever he earned, and gave it to him.  Just by retaining him this money will come back to the university many times over.

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It costs to get the best and Gee is no exception. OSU is an elite university and the students are very fortunate to be going there. I really hate that the tuition is still going up, but Kasich has cut funding to state universities. I also would wager that Gee puts a great deal of his money back into OSU. The market determines the cost for university presidents as well as coaches.

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lol but he wears glasses and tweed and bowties I am so angries


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How much has tuition increased recently?

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For students:
EGG makes your degree worth more by improving the school. 

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In celebration, Gee should send a bottle of Louis XIII to The Dayton Daily News

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Go Gordon! Really, how can you not love this guy?

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Why can people mind their buisness. Some hater wrote an article because someone gets paid more than they do. I haven't heard tOSU is in some financial down slide and he shouldn't be making more money. Stop the hate child! 

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