Ohio State at Wisconsin Set for 3:30

November 5, 2012 at 2:40p    by Sarah    
The Nov. 17 game will air on ABC and ESPN2 (reverse mirror). Men's basketball plays at 5pm the same day. (twitter.com)
Source: @BuckeyeNotes


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Please tell me we won't get Beth 'Rod Jones' Mowins for this game.

-The Aristocrats!

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What a glorious day of buckeye sports it will be.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I'm happily surprised about this.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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as an arizonan with dish, was stuck watching MSU-nebraska on standard def this weekend because of the west coast garbage on abc...that better not happen for this game

the kids are playing their tail off, and the coaches are screwing it up! - JLS

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Hopefully I'll finish my footrace (alive) in time to get to a television and catch the end of the game.


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What race are running Denny? 

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JFK 50 Miler in Maryland. Race starts at 7 AM, So I'm hoping that I'll be finished in time to catch the end of the game. First attempt at anything further than 26.2.


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Whooa! 50 miles!!!...good luck with that - My wife runs triathlons & I get tired just carrying a camera & our daughter to each transition area...

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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Great, just enough time to play with da kiddies and get to BDubs for some wings.....To Go!

I'm hiding baby and I'm dreaming
I'm riding down your moonlight mile

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Maybe the football game will be done super fast? I'll be streaming the game. ESPN3 is something BTN should replicate.

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Great!  Now Wisconsin students have plenty of time to show up late.

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What?? For once we don't have to go to Madison and play at night? I'm shocked.